BBPOCon 2012

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Have you heard?  What is it?
The Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference 2012 is in it’s third year and it’s coming up quick.  It’s going to be March 7th thru 11th.  

The goal of the conference is to “advance communication between Book Bloggers, Publishers, and Authors.”  Some of the panel discussions on the schedule are:

  • Legal Issues Facing Bloggers
  • Working with Authors
  • Working with Large Publishers
  • Defining Your Blog – Make it What You Want
  • NetGalley and Bloggers

…and so many more!!!!  You have to go to the conference’s website to see the whole schedule because there is so much!!

Because I am completely new to blogging, I think this will be an outstanding opportunity to learn a ton about the industry and community I play in.  I look forward to learning more about the etiquette, that’s for sure.  And everything I’m doing wrong (hee, hee).

There are giveaways and many publishers in “attendance” are offering books.  From what I’ve read in the chatter about the conference, these books more than make up the cost of the registration.  The cost to participate is $45.  I’m mostly looking for the knowledge!!!  Any books are just icing on the cake (mmmm, cake…..). 

For more information or to register, go to Paco Media Group’s website. 
Maybe I’ll “see” you there?!?!

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2 responses to “BBPOCon 2012

  1. Hey, Kristen. Since your doing this conference, I was wondering how it’s going?
    Have you learned alot?
    Is it worth me doing it next time?


  2. Thanks, for the info Kristin! I may have to pass this time( low funds) 🙁
    Hopefully I will be able attend the next function. Keep me informed and tell me if it’s worth it, when the seminar is completed!

    Missed your IMM this week!