Operation: TBR Reduction Update #2

Posted May 19, 2012 in Event / 6 Comments

Stephanie at Once Upon A Chapter has thrown down the gauntlet.  She’s made a plan to rid herself of the monstrous amounts of books she has lying around waiting to be read and she’s sharing it with all of us.

Here are the rules (as interpreted by me):

  • Everyone is invited to play.  You can go to Stephanie’s site, Once Upon A Chapter and grab her button and make a post declaring you’re part of the project.  If you’re a non-blogger, you can still play by commenting on Stephanie’s update posts.
  • The fun started May 1st but you can join when you when you want.  
  • Sign up on Stephanie’s site using the linky on the post.  Stephanie will cheer you on!
This is not a book buying ban!!!!

I’m loosely following Stephanie’s personal rules by not buying more books than I read in a month.  What I’m counting as “buying” are any books I actually purchase and any books I request from NetGalley.  I’m giving myself a pass on any books I win and any free ebooks that are too good to pass up (I don’t go crazy on these anyways). 

Here’s how I’ve done these past two weeks:

Books I’ve read:
pic name pic name pic name pic name

Books I’ve Purchased:
pic name pic name pic name

Books I Took For Review:
pic name pic name

Thank you Liz Long and Sean Hayden for my copies! 

Kristin 1  TBR -1 (technically?)

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6 responses to “Operation: TBR Reduction Update #2

  1. Awesome..i am doing the tbr challenge and have knocked out 20 books this year..course i probably bought that many too…hehehe Keep up the good work!

    • I kept putting off buying Deadlocked but I finally relented to catch the 40% discount at B&N. I have the whole series so at this point, why stop now 😐