Armchair BEA: My Voice (or Why You Won’t Hear It Today)

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Today’s discussion during Armchair BEA this week is “Beyond Your Blog”.  In other words, has your writing on your blog opened up opportunities to write outside your blog?  Is your inner voice being heard elsewhere in the world and how did you get it out there?  

I have a voice on my blog that I’m very proud of.  I think my sense of humor comes out better in my writing than in person (look up the definition of “foot in mouth” syndrome and my picture will be nearby).  I truly hope that quirky sense of humor I think I have comes out in my writing.  

I also try and write in a style that is conversational while trying to stick to English rules 101.  You remember these from high school and college: introduce the topic at the beginning, one paragraph flows into the next, close at the end, TA-DA you have an “A” paper!  

Well, life has gotten a bit crazy here in my household as of late.  Anyone with a special needs child will understand the drama around a school principal being moved to another school while you have major issues (like the assignment of a para-professional for your son) on the burner with that principal.  I’ve actually had to sit down and write a ton of “professional” sounding emails out to officials at the school board.  

But now that the drama around our principal is public and I sort of, kind of, got into it with another parent at the PTA meeting last Tuesday (I had no clue I offended her, I had to be told afterward – I’m that clueless), emotions are high.  I’ve taken my rant to Facebook (um, yeah, I know, I know….).  But now I have neighbors asking me to write letters to the newspaper.  ON TOP OF THAT… I sort of put my name on the ballot this fall for a position in our township.  So I’m officially running for an election.  Oops, kind of forgot about that whole reputation thingy…

SOOOOO, to close this post, wrap it up, get my passing “C” grade, I won’t really be posting anything today about getting out and writing anything outside the blog because I’m going to be writing a letter to our local newspaper about what a crappy job our school district’s superintendent is doing.  

See the flames north of Detroit, that’s me going down….


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16 responses to “Armchair BEA: My Voice (or Why You Won’t Hear It Today)

  1. Your blog and your reading sounds like a good outlet for you to escape some pretty hefty stress!!

    Keep at your fight, keep it above the belt and always remember the first one to the judge wins!

    (my daughter was in the hospital 70 miles from home getting chemo for 32 days at a time but her Government teacher felt she could still do a community service project and docked her grade. Education needs set straight from time to time)

    • Well, now that’s just dumb… letter from doctor and copied to the principal or ass’t superintendent of schools should have cured that silly teacher! I’m new to this whole school system junk. All I know is I pay their salaries, tho

  2. I’m at a loss for words…:/ Hun, u know u can rant to me if u need to, I don’t mind. I think your plate is overflowing right about now! I never go on FB anymore so I haven’t seen any of your post or what’s been going on. Sorry, hope things work out!

    • That’s okay dearie!! It was just one thing after another this week and I thank God for truly good people, friends and my new blogging friends and, really, lets all give it up for the entire book blogging community for distracting me, helping me de-stress, wind-down and realize what matters… it ain’t the little people!

  3. I’m sure communicating through your blog has prepped you a bit for writing in other ways. sorry to hear about all the drama. I’m so tired of hearing about cut backs at schools. I keep thinking it won’t get worse, but more teachers are losing their jobs, and para-pros are the first to go. Michigan is my home state; I went to WMU and most of my friends who graduated with a teaching degree moved out of state for their job.

    Best wishes 🙂

    • We’re actually lucky to have the great teachers we have! I’m not a fan of how the teachers are treated, both by the school districts and the unions. But there just isn’t another way. It’s all growing pains. I just try and help the school where I can…

  4. Awe, that seriously sucks that you have to go through all that crap! I hope that your letter makes a difference and that you can get it all sorted out!