Cornerstone Read-Along Week 2

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The Cornerstone Read-Along is hosted by Candace’s Book Blog, Buried in Books, Rainy Day Ramblings and The Flyleaf Review.  You can join anytime, just click on the image at the top of this post or go to any of the host’s websites.

This is one of those books I don’t want to stop reading.  No offense to the Read-Along, but I hate having to stop and stick to the reading schedule.  I really want to stay true to the Read-Along questions and not accidentally answer anything with knowledge I shouldn’t have.  But it’s so hard (yes, I’m whining).  This is that kind of enjoyable book.  Well, enough of my babbling…


SPOILER WARNING: If you’re going to read the book, don’t read my answers!

Week 2 Questions

September 12thBuried in Books Chapters 6-10, pages 45-111

1. At the start of Chapter 6, Nalena follows Garrett in pursuit of the man who attacked her in the woods.  She has a semi-out-of-body-experience, running faster than she should be able to, with the ground passing beneath her in “a dirty blur”.  Her feeling of fear is what jerks her back into herself and trips her up.  What do you think of her new abilities and what limitations might they present?

I don’t think we know the extent of her new abilities.  It seems like she has the same speed as Garrett and can instinctively move during fights (as in avoid them?).  But I keep wondering if she’s going to be different from Garrett, both because she’s a girl and because, as we find out later, she’s not of the bloodline (supposedly she’s a Cusp).  I wonder if she’ll have any of her mom’s abilities, too. 

Limitations?  I’m stymied on that one.  The only answer I can come up with is the obvious one: that if she gets in trouble and tries to use her abilities without being trained, the ability may not manifest because she’s thinking too hard about it.  She needs to be trained.

2. After Nalena loses Garrett in the pursuit, Nalena and her mother end up at Garrett’s house to let his parents know what has happened.  We meet the rest of the Reese family, including Garrett’s oldest brother and carbon copy, Sean, and Garrett’s youngest sibling and only sister, Iris.   Sean and Iris remain at the house while the rest go to search for Garrett.  Why do you think they were the ones left behind?  Anything odd in their conversation that could give us clues as to what is going on?

Iris is too young so that’s why she’s home.  I don’t think Sean has had any signs that’s he’s Contego.  I got the impression this was a bad thing because of the way Nali’s mom was talking to Sean. She spoke to Sean in tones that said, “It’s okay.” or “I’m sorry.”  I hope Sean has other “powers” 🙂  He’s a keeper…

3. Chapter 7- Um, WHY do you think he didn’t kiss her???  If you were in Nali’s shoes, would you have forced the kiss to happen?

Uh, can you say PARENTS IN THE NEXT ROOM?  Not so romantic.  I think maybe he’s saving it for someplace special (or I hope so)… *swoon*.  Would I have forced the kiss?  I sure hope not but I think deep down, impulsive me from college might have.  🙁  

4. In Chapter 7, Evangeline drops it like its hot and explains her past, what the Ianua is and why she’s kept Nalena from it all.  At this point, if you could have a broader view of the world Nalena is entering into, what would you envision or assume it to be like?  Would you be frightened or intrigued?

I picture it like the communes down in Southern Colorado.  I had a friend I worked with in San Diego who grew up in one of those and the way he described them, it seems to fit.  Healthy food was definitely part of the commune.   

I’d be intrigued, not frightened.  I’m always looking to learn more, about anything.  I’ve read about many, many religions and I just enjoy many cultures and their traditions, as well.

5. Regina and Jen visit Nalena in the school bathroom with a whooping in mind.  Does it bother you that they are cheerleaders?  What if Jen had been a random, unpopular girl?  Would the scene have the same impact for you?

NOPE, not bothered for a second that Regina and Jen are cheerleaders.  And if Jen was a random unpopular girl, NOPE, the scene wouldn’t have had quite the impact.  Even if she was still feuding with Nali.

This is hysterical!  I’m re-reading my answers this morning and holy cow!  I should not do posts at night!!!  My answer above makes no sense!!!  Okay, here goes: cheerleaders are always evil, the most popular kids are idiots and we always want them to GO DOWN!!!  The unpopular girls, eh, they can live…

6. Chapter 10, the Reese boys reveal that Nalena being a Contego means that there is a Cusp coming.  If you were to define the Cusp, what do you think it would be?  Would it be a singular event or a series of them? Why do you think Evangeline takes it so hard that her daughter is not Alo?

Either that there’ll not be another Alo to take over for her when she leaves this world.  Or maybe she had an affair when she was younger with a Contego-   Where is Nali’s father, anyways????

WTH?  Was I nodding off??? Let’s try this again: I’m not sure about the Cusp b/c Sean alluded to something big happening in Garrett’s life, or he’s destined for big things (is this related to the Cusp?).  The Cusp sounds like it’s life’s current path taking a turn around a corner.  Like “life” is walking down a New York City street and it turns a corner.  You don’t know what’s ahead on that street – it could be good or bad.  And in my answer above, I was TRYING to say I think Nali’s mom is soooooo upset because either: 1. she needs to find a new Alo 2. skeletons from her past will come out, like an affair?  And where the heck is Nali’s Daddy???

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8 responses to “Cornerstone Read-Along Week 2

  1. Wow, great insight for the first answer! After reading your answers I’m even more excited for you to read Keystone. I’m pretty sure you’re going to be squealing left and right! I just can’t wait for your reaction to the rest of this book too!

    I’m still SO excited that you’re doing the read-along with us and are LOVING it!
    Candace recently posted…Interview with Rae Carson & Review of Crown of Embers

  2. Well I can say that even though it is hard to just answer the weekly questions and not read ahead, it sucks to try and go back a few months later and answer because I just don’t remember my first impressions of everything. Oh now all popular kids and cheerleaders are not evil, that is buying into stereotype. Everyone should be given a fair chance and not lumped into categories and judged. You are on the right path with
    Sean, he is a keeper. Also you will soon know where Nali’s dad is!
    Heidi recently posted…The Diviners (The Diviners #1) by Libba Bray

    • K

      I did another read-along and it was a re-read and remember thinking the same thing – I couldn’t remember my first impressions, either!! It was that much harder to answer the questions so I totally understand!! I can just sound like an idiot 😉

      Wasn’t Buffy a cheerleader? Oh, wait, that was only in the movie… I was sadly so insecure and jealous of the popular kids and the cheerleaders so I think I made them out in my head to be evil. It’s such an old stereotype, huh? I think the blond girl on Little House on the Prairie and Willie Wonka totally ruined me for adult life. Don’t you love that one commercial on tv where the kid gets bullied and the jock helps the kid pick up his books. I’m not alone in needing to remember not to judge!! 😀

      Wow… I’m skirting a deep convo…

    • K

      Yeah, my mind is whacked (when I thought of the community)! That’s what I get for working with those crazies in So. Cal (it was investment firm so you’d think we’d be more grounded but sadly, the surf calls).

  3. Okay all your answers are great but I love the ones where you correct yourself!
    too funny! Yeah, those posts you write late at night can sometimes sound so great and then you cringe in the morning but your answers were fine. I’ll tell you since I’ve read the whole thing you will find out about Nali’s Daddy. I don’t remember when.

    I am rereading the entire book and trying to stop at the chapters that we are supposed to, but I still remember the major points that happened in the book.
    It’s fun rereading because I didn’t remember the almost first kiss. I did remember the beat down scene but it was so funny to read again, I got to share that with my son because I was laughing so hard!

    hrose2931 recently posted…Cornerstone Read-Along Week 2 Ch 6-10

    • K

      I think the beat down WOULD be totally funny the second time around but I was cringing the entire time b/c I knew somehow Nali was going to get in trouble, even though she wasn’t fighting. And then Jen says to just say they got beat up!! My stomach fell out!! So I couldn’t laugh until the principal said everything was okay and the video on the phone didn’t mysteriously disappear (because that happens, you know!!) PHEW!!!