Cornerstone Read-Along Week 4

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So, we’re finished with the book…  Awesome!  I really, really loved this book!!  I’ll post a review eventually but I’ve actually already finished Keystone as well (that one ended with a “WTH just happened?!?!” but not necessarily in a bad way).  All I know is Misty Provencher better write FAST!!!

Thank you to Candace, Heather, Heidi and Heather for hosting this read-along!!!  You guys introduced me to a new favorite author.  And super special thanks, again, to Christy for busting my TBR and ruining my whole September and October by suggesting I join this read-along (HUGS!!). 


SPOILER WARNING: If you’re going to read the book, don’t read my answers!

Week 4 Questions

September 26th- The Flyleaf Review– Chapters 17-21, pages 195-219

1.  At the party Jen’s true colors seem to re-emerge.  Did you buy Jen’s earlier apology and feel that she was genuinely worry for the way she treated Nali or did you suspect all along that she was being false?  Do you think Jen had an ulterior motive for Nali (and Garrett) to her party?  Was it a good idea for Nali to attend the party in the end?

I never thought Jen was sincere.  Even her apology was insincere!  I can understand why Nali wanted to go to the party; because she wanted to prove to everyone that to somebody (namely Garrett), she mattered.  I don’t think Jen had an ulterior motive except to reek havoc. 

To answer the last question, we’ll never know if it was a good idea or bad idea that those two went to the party.  One one hand, if they didn’t go to the party, Nali might have been out helping the Addo and would never have had the chance to go home and help her mom and Iris.  But on the other hand, perhaps Nali would have been left to guard her mom because she was holding the Cornerstone and she could have prevented a death by stopping Roger from getting in the house.  That whole “hindsight is 20/20” thing.  No clear-cut answer. 

2.  When Nali discovers her father holding her mother at gunpoint he tells her that he only wants to be a family again. He also tells Nali that her mind has been poisoned against him by her mother.  Did you believe there was any truth to his words or that his feelings towards Nali were sincere at all? Do you think there is any truth to Roger’s claims of the Ianua being controlling?

Ya know, I never thought of that!  I just totally bought into the Fury being so selfish that they were evil!  Ooops, I’m a sucker!  I never for a minute thought Roger was sincere and he always wanted his family for some personal gain.

3.  When Nali drops the Cornerstone in exchange for the release of her mother, it distracts Roger and Nali’s mom attempts to escape. After a struggle Evangeline is shot and killed by Roger. Do you think Evangeline intentionally sacrificed herself? Were you surprised when Roger took his own life afterwards instead of returning to the Fury with Nali? What does Roger’s suicide say about his character?

I didn’t think she tried to sacrifice herself.  I think she tried to get away.  I also think she got a message that it was her time and that Grace was called away to be born (I was secretly hoping Grace would be Garrett’s and Nali’s child someday).  But my first thought was that I didn’t think she meant to die, it was an accident.  

I actually had no clue Roger killed himself.  I went back and re-read that and I’m still not really reading that into it.  I must be an idiot because I’m totally missing it.  I just thought either one of the Contego’s showed up and took care of him or later I thought a Fury showed up to punish him for not doing his job.  Eh, that’s what happens when you read exciting passages too fast!!

4.  After Nali’s mom is killed, she returns as Nali’s new connection replacing Grace. Did this surprise you? Do you think it “was meant to be” as Nali’s mother says?

Totally surprised the heck out of me!!  And I totally believe it was meant to be!  I eat that kind of stuff up 🙂 

5.  When Nali regains consciousness she learns from the Addo that in addition to losing her own parents, all the other Addo’s have been killed as well as Garrett’s father. Were you surprised that all these characters were killed off by the end of the book?

Yes.  I’m glad Misty did it, though.  It gave the story credibility but it totally broke my heart.  I really liked Garrett’s dad (I’m still a little sad over it…)

6.  Nali must decide whether to pick the Cornerstone back up and start the imprinting process again (which will be extremely painful and possibly life threatening) or she can choose to walk away and have a Simple life. Nali decides to pick the stone back up and become Contego. Why do you think she made this decision? Was it for vengenace? Was it for Garrett? Or do you think there is another reason? Would you have made the same decision if you had been in Nali’s place?

After what she’s been through, I don’t think she sees another option.  Yeah, it’s probably about 30% vengeance for the deaths of her mom and Garrett’s dad, but who can blame her on that.  But I don’t think she sees another option for herself.  She’s alone otherwise; no other family besides the Reeses.  So she might as well join them (she probably wasn’t quite that flippant, though!!)  

Would I have made the same decision?  Does Garrett come with the package? 

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3 responses to “Cornerstone Read-Along Week 4

  1. LOL – I’m glad you joined! I still need to read Keystone. I probably will in October.

    HAHA – I totally had the same thought about Grace being their baby someday! Too funny. And yeah, I didn’t get that he committed suicide either. All Addo said is “He passed.” I had no idea what the hell had happened. I mean, obviously he passed away somehow, but I thought maybe Nali did something or Garrett came back. Oh well.
    Christy recently posted…Cornerstone Read-Along: Week #4 Final

  2. That Christy always causing trouble….at least she lets me leave outrageous comments everyday on her blog. It is my mission to see if I can top the one I left the day before….Some great answers. It was hard for me because I answered these after having finished Keystone and so I had other things in my head as well. I never thought of Grace being Nali and Garrett’s child. It will be interesting to see where she pops up. It is a great book and I am enjoying the series. I know what you mean about reading exciting parts too fast. Thanks for being a part if this read along. I got you bookmarked so I will be stopping by to harass you all the time!

  3. So glad you loved it and that you already read Keystone! I’m really hoping Misty gets the attention she deserves for writing such amazing books!
    I didn’t get that Roger killed himself either. I’m not sure when I picked that bit up (maybe it was talked about in the beginning of Keystone or something).
    Thanks so much for being part of the read-along!
    Candace recently posted…Cornerstone Read-Along- Final Week