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I’ve just got to ask…  if you’re not reading Rhiannon Frater yet, why not?!


Today I have the huge privilege of hosting the Pretty When She Kills Blog Tour.  I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this amazing second book in the series so I’ll be sharing my review with you.

There are tons of giveaways on this tour so make sure you visit ALL the stops on the tour (after mine, of course).  Here’s the LINK for the tour sites. 

Make sure you scroll all the way down (yes, I’d prefer you read my review but I’m not greedy) and check out my giveaway along with the GRAND PRIZE giveaway hosted by The Bookish Brunette.

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Pretty When She Kills (Pretty When She Dies #2)
By Rhiannon Frater
Published September 7th, 2012
Horror / Urban Fantasy
Source: Received from author in exchange for unbiased review

From Goodreads:  When Amaliya harnessed her necromancer powers to defeat her greatest enemy, she believed she had finally found a happy ending with Cian, her lover and the master of Austin. That happiness is short-lived when the vampire ruling over San Antonio attempts a takeover of Austin in order to capture Amaliya and use her power for his own devices.


To make matters worse, Samantha, Cian’s ex-fiancée, is seeing ghosts, the untested vampire hunters of Austin are running scared as a supernatural war looms, a mysterious man is hunting Amaliya with the help of her one time lover, Pete, and Rachoń, the Summoner’s favorite progeny, appears to be out for revenge.


When Amaliya’s grandmother, a powerful medium, experiences terrible visions that reveal there is another necromancer vampire and she is crying out for help, Amaliya realizes happy endings do not come easily…

Rhiannon Frater is one of the best writers of horror and urban fantasy out there.  Okay, that’s just my humble opinion.  In the case of Ms. Frater’s Pretty When She Dies series, she brings to the table an urban horror tale balanced with love interest(s), humor to lighten the load, and a tightly packed plot with virtually no holes (none that I saw) and lots of twists that turns that had me saying, “Oh, no she did NOT just do that!”  And no, her vamps are not the sensitive, touchy feel-y sort; they most certainly don’t sparkle!


[text_box class=”grey”] Speaking of Ms. Frater’s vamps, I want to take a side jaunt in this review and mention a brilliant post Ms. Frater did during this blog tour for Kristilyn at Reading in Winter entitled, “The Vampires of Pretty When She Kills“.  Awesome post and if you’re a fan, you really should check it out! 


Now, back to the good stuff on MY blog… my review!!

World Building – Because this horror tale is set in an urban setting, Ms. Frater didn’t need to spend time drawing a picture for us of what the world looks like; it’s ours.  Where world building came into play with this book was explaining what was happening to Samantha.  Ms. Frater did a great job of letting us discover, at the same time as Samantha, just what Samantha is capable of.  Ms. Frater also graced us with a few more supernatural races and what she refers to as “super powers” for the humans.  I really loved what she did with Samantha; especially for one crazy scene at the end of the book (I can’t tell you but it is so freaking amazing I about spit out my coffee!!)

I’m especially fond of the city Rhiannon chose to set her book in, Austin, TX.  Many times the characters lament that the city is changing and they’re each trying to decide if it’s for the better or the worse.  It’s a great metaphor for the vampires’ lives.  Change is hard and uncomfortable, but to get what you want, sometimes you need to do the hard stuff.

Characters – Samantha, Samantha, Samantha… yeah, I pretty much hated her character in the first book.  I never really have a problem with characters I dislike in a book because they usually serve a purpose.  Samantha definitely serves a purpose and grew on me.  We get to meet some of Jeff’s team of vampire hunters.  Secretly, I wish I could be Jeff: own a bookstore, be a leader of a group of vampire hunters, and drive around in an old Land Rover.  And we also get some new characters added to the mix that only add to the story, never weighing it down. I really can’t wait to see what happens in the next book 🙂

And it truly amazes me how consistent Ms. Frater remains with her characters, especially after how much time has passed between when she wrote Pretty When She Dies and Pretty When She Kills (Ms. Frater must have KILLER notes!!)  Amaliya is still that unrefined drum playing, cigarette smoking girl who likes to run away from her problems.  Cian is still an ass sometimes.  Innocente is still smart as hell and Sergio is a great sidekick for her. 

Story & Tempo – Ms. Frater wrote the best darn (or damn?) prologue I’ve read in a long time!  Horror, horror, horror!!!  She shocks ya and then dumps you into Cian and Amaliya’s life.  Brings you UUUPPPPPP, and then dumps you on your ass.  I LOVE IT!!!  Ms. Frater does that often throughout the book; ending some chapters on cliffhangers.  Many times I was like, “I don’t want to read about this other stuff NOW, I want to know what happened!!!”  But then you get wrapped up in the new direction Ms. Frater has taken you and your dumped on your ass again!! 

And the use of that writing method does not lessen the plot at all and you’re never lost.  The plot and story are tight.  You have your twists and surprises on top of some hard emotions that had me crying for about 10 minutes (that’s a long time for me and a book to do the weeping thing). 

Rhiannon Frater is just a freaking amazingly talented author.  Just go buy her books NOW, okay?!?!  Her next book in the series, Pretty When She Destroys (Pretty When She Dies #3), is going to be out sometime next year. On top of that, the trilogy has been optioned for film and has a script for the first movie!  Amazing!  The producer is in the process of shopping the script.

BTW – Like to listen to your books?  No problem, Ms. Frater has you covered!  Her first book, Pretty When She Dies is available HERE.  It’s been doing so well that they’re working on the audio book for Pretty When She Kills!

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Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the AS THE WORLD DIES zombie trilogy and the author of several other horror novels.  She was born and raised a Texan and presently lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and furry children (a.k.a pets).  She loves scary movies, sci-fi shows, playing video games, cooking, dying her hair weird colors, and shopping for Betsey Johnson purses and shoes.



You can find her online at:
Website: &
Email: rhiannonfrater at

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Other books in the series:

Pretty When She Destroys

(Pretty When She Dies #3)

no cover yet

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Giveaway time!  Rhiannon Frater has graciously allowed me to giveaway an eCopy of each Pretty When She Dies and Pretty When She Kills (stellar, huh?)  This is your chance to read Rhiannon Frater if I haven’t already scared you over to Amazon yet. 


The Bookish Brunette is hosting an “epic” giveaway over on her blog for:

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  • Vampire fangs necklace and matching earrings

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But this giveaway below is for MY goodies:

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17 responses to “Pretty When She Kills Tour Stop: Review & Giveaway

  1. Lona Stringer

    I dont think I have ever read a horror book, so I’m a little excited to read this series. Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  2. Mel brock

    I read some horror, but I lean towards more suspensful than the literary equivalent of torture porn.

    thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Vivien

    I enjoy a good horror book every now and then. The real world is horrible so books can’t be worse.

  4. shawnyj

    I like horror, but only when it’s not unnecessarily gruesome. You can have paranormal elements and tension, without getting into blood and guts for the sake of making a mess.

  5. Artemis

    I love reading horror books, Stephen King and Dean Koontz are some of my favourites authors.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. Texas Book Lover

    It is the one genre I have not read much of but I have to say this series intrigues me!

  7. HollyB

    Oh, yes, I love horror books!! I grew up reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz (especially Koontz – I was pretty obsessed with his books for a looong time) – and when I say “grew up reading” I mean it! My mother would tell you she allowed me to read “that stuff” way too young…but hey, I had an older brother and sister, and of course I wanted to do what they were doing 🙂 So, yes, I have had a life-long love of horror books. As for Ms. Frater, I had actually not heard of her until Last Bastion of the Living came out (don’t hurt me! I’ve been away from YA books for quite some time…:)), and I *immediately* knew I had to have that one. Of course I promptly bought it and have yet to read it…not for lack of wanting to, just for lack of time and an overly large TBR list. And as I learn more about Ms. Frater and her books, I want to read every single one of them!! This series sounds great, and I would love to have a copy of both books so I can jump in with both feet! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    PS – I am a fairly new follower of your blog, just wanted to say it’s really awesome, you do such a good job with the reviews, and I absolutely love the look and beautifully “clean” layout :). Oh, and I am currently reading This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers – you might like that too. It’s a zombie book, and has definitely creeped me out at times, but it focuses a lot on the characters and hardly much at all on the gore (I’m about halfway through). It’s really great, at least so far!

  8. Jolene A

    It’s been a while since I read one, but I used to love Dean Koontz and Stephen King

  9. Alexa Ale

    I think horror is one of the harder genres to get right, but when an author does – they are fantastic.