“All You Zombies”: It’s Fraterfest Time!

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Oh yeah, I quoted The Hooters*!  Boo Yah!

Fraterfest Read-A-Thon is upon us today there’s a ton of great challenges this weekend to add to your reading pleasure.  Check these out!

Completely copied from Kimba the Caffeinated Reviewer’s post (why reinvent the wheel?):


  • Friday Oct.5th– 8am(EST) to Monday 12pm(EST) Name That Vampire hosted by Kody@ The Fabled Crossroads
  • Friday Oct. 5th– 4pm(EST) to Monday 12pm(EST).Tune this Title hosted by April@ My Shelf Confessions
  • Saturday Oct 6th– 8am(EST) to Monday 12pm(EST) Fraterfest Bash hosted by Christy@ Love of Books
  • Saturday Oct 6th– 4pm(EST) to Monday 12pm(EST) Cover Sleuth hosted by Barbara@ Basia’s Bookshelf
  • Sunday Oct 7th– 8am(EST) to Monday 12pm(EST) Guess the Rest hosted by Carolyn@ C.M. Brown 
  • Sunday Oct 7th– 4pm(EST) to Monday 12pm(EST) Books to Movie Madness hosted by Fran @ Books and Beyond
  • Monday Oct 8th– 8am(EST) to Tuesday 12pm (EST) The Texas Crossword Massacre hosted by Kristin @ My ParaHangover 
  • Monday Oct 8th– 4pm(EST) to Tuesday 12pm(EST) Fraterfest Raffle hosted by Kimba@ the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
Twitter Party:

On Sunday October 7th from 6pm(EST) to 8pm(EST) We will host a twitter party hashtag #Fraterfest. You do not have to follow me on twitter but you can do so here: @kimbacaffeinate. Come talk about the books you’ve read, what really scares you and what paranormal creature is your favorite. Use TweetChat to make following along easier. Just enter Fraterfest and sign in. Participants will have the chance to win some swag and prizes.

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What am I reading for the weekend festivities?  Well, I’ve read some great Rhiannon Frater already but I still need to read Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel by Frater. 

OH!  And did you see my name up there on the challenges?  Yep, I’m hosting one on Monday.  It’s a crossword puzzle – when was the last time you did one of those, huh, huh??? 

To keep up with everyone during the read-a-thon this weekend, make sure you use #fraterfest when you’re tweeting!!

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I’m heading to the Frater Bash…  Wanna party? 
For Christy’s Love of Books’ FraterFest challenge, we’re using book covers to show what we’re wearing and who we’re going with. 

Rehvenge is my huge book crush 😉  In my alternate universe, I’d be taking him to the party and I’d look exactly like Cassie Palmer in that LBD.  I would have taken Pritkin but he can be such a stick in the mud!



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6 responses to ““All You Zombies”: It’s Fraterfest Time!

    • K

      You know the best place to start with Rhiannon? Probably Pretty When She Dies. It’s a contemporary setting, it’s great writing and it really showcases Rhiannon’s talent for story telling. The Vampire Bride series is good if you want something really dark and terrifying – it’s very brutal but awesome!!! Just my opinion, tho…

  1. J.J. Bonds

    Awesome! Def going to check out the crossword on Monday! Lol. Been a while since I’ve done one, but hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out! 😉