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Today I have the immense pleasure of featuring debut author C.J. Bolyne.  Her first book is Trinity and she’s here today to talk all about it.  So without further adieu… Ms. C.J. Bolyne!

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Hi book readers! Spectacular!! We’re on Day 10 of my virtual book blog tour – Only one more week to go! Thank you for joining us!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Kristin for hosting me today!

For those who are just joining the tour, my name is CJ Bolyne, and I am a first time author.

Trinity is my first book. It is about a young Payton who thought she had a normal life, but after an extraordinary encounter with a stranger, finds herself in another world, a world she does not remember. The Guardians wiped her memory in order to keep her safe from the Anords and the only one who can restore it is the stranger she meets in the beginning of the story.

Here is an excerpt:

Payton was in a daze, thinking of the kiss and when Terran cupped her face.


“Payton. Hear me.” He began. “I am one of many in an order we call the Guardians. I am what you would call a hybrid; half warlock, half god. We watch over all innocents, such as you. However, you are special.”


“Why am I ‘special’?” she asked. “There are billions of people in this world and I’m the special one? Come on! You’ve got to do better than that! This is quite the fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess……..”


“My task,” Terran interrupted, “is to help you regain your memory. We took it and replaced it with a false one when we put you in hiding. Now it is time for you to come back to us, to me.” Terran explained. “Many … many years ago, you were a part of the family of Guardians. You are our leader’s daughter. In time, you will replace your father and lead us. When the dark warriors found out about you, they made it their mission to destroy you before you took command. You are more powerful than all of us. Even more powerful than your father. Someone like you comes along only once …” Terran drifted off, his gaze on the floor. “And …”


Payton snapped. “Huh, … oh forgive me,” he said “your memory must be brought back slowly. To bring it back too quickly would cause you too much pain.” Terran stopped. He wished he could compel her to remember all. He wanted her to know him again. He was hoping that when he kissed her, there would be a spark of recognition. But, nothing yet.


“How can I really believe such a ridiculous story? You’re telling me I’m half warlock and half a god? That’s nuts! Besides, I thought women could only be witches or something. Shouldn’t I have some ‘powers’ or something?” Payton started waving her hands in the air ranting. “You show up out of the blue, I take you in, you disappear, and then you show up again and…” Terran grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards him. His lips met hers with force. That shut her up, he thought as his kiss softened and moved along her cheek to her earlobe. His arms wrapped around her tight. He nibbled her lobe and whispered softly in her ear. Payton froze. Her eyes closed, she started to shake. There were flashes of light in her mind, a flash of her parents, then Terran. She pushed Terran away. Starring at him, she gasped “I know you, from somewhere … but where …” now she drifted.


“Do not try too hard Payton. It will pain you too much.” He begged.


“But, I am yours?” she questioned.


“Yes, and I was yours – am yours,” he corrected himself.


“I feel you … in my heart, m…my soul, deep within. How can this be? I thought I had a pretty normal life. It’s been turned upside down in an instant!” Her baby blues started to tear up. “I don’t understand” she cried.


Terran couldn’t stand it. He held her trying to comfort her.


“You will know all soon enough, love.” He whispered. “Please calm yourself .” She let him hold her, started to relax some. She moved closer resting her head on his chest. She could feel his heartbeat slow and steady. He was warm, inviting. Terran tilted her chin up; he needed to touch those lips again. Those beautiful rosy soft lips. He kissed her gently.


Payton couldn’t resist now. She wrapped her arms around his neck. I must be closer, she thought.

Thank you, Ms. Bolyne for stopping by my little blog today and sharing that exciting excerpt.  Here’s the lowdown on Trinity:

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By C.J. Bolyne
Published July 8th, 2012
Cluster Publishing
88 pages

About the book: Payton thought she had a normal, everyday life. When a mysterious man suddenly appears, he shatters her world telling her that her entire life has been a lie. She is a god with the Guardians having lived for 1000’s of years. The Anords know where she is and he needs to protect her at all costs. Payton holds the key to saving humanity. However, a mysteriously familiar woman complicates everything.

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About the Author: CJ Bolyne is a first time author and Trinity is her first book.

Born and raised in Southeastern Manitoba, Canada, CJ was an avid reader dreaming of the day she would write her own fantasy / sci-fi book.

When she’s not writing, CJ spends her time on her farm with her husband and multiple pets. She runs a full-time pet grooming business.

Her first book, Trinity, is the first in the series.

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I said “giveaway”, right?!  There’s a tour-wide giveaway for one of three signed copies of Trinity! 

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  1. Thanks Kristin and My ParaHangover for hosting CJ today! She will be by later today to visit and answer any questions and/or comments. Enter to win one of three signed copies of Trinity click on the Rafflecopter giveaway. Thanks for following CJ on tour!