Ahhhh, best laid plans….

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[box] Stupid flu season.[/box]

I go and get a totally “rock-your-face-off”, kick ass new look thanks to Parajunkee Designs and my whole family is struck down one by one with the flu. Last Saturday it was me.  Next up was my son and hubs on Tuesday and I was doing great.  Then today I was struck down, AGAIN!  What the heck?!?!?!  Why did I have to go out and snowblow the driveway for my hubs to be able to pull in?  He’s got a 4×4 Jeep; he could’ve just baja’d-it into the garage!

So I’m sitting here in bed, still tweeking my wonderful new site, trying to figure out how to get the massive picture of stomach abs not to slow down my site from loading.  Yep, fully aware.  Doing what every good WordPress-er does:

  1. Back up the blog
  2. Deactivate all the stupid plugins I’ve accumulated
  3. If that doesn’t work, start deactivating all the important plugins and start habit of biting fingernails
  4. Bug (aka PLEAD for help from) Parajunkee
  5. If we both can’t figure it out, chuck slider and cry a little bit
  6. If that doesn’t work, cry more

So, in closing, I’d like to say I’m still here.  Just sick.  Not out.  Just sick… and tired.  Hey!  But I have this awesome new blog to play with!!!!

I can’t wait for Spring.

…and how about all those crazy bloggers, huh???  Good times, good times.



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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

18 responses to “Ahhhh, best laid plans….

  1. hollyb

    So sorry to hear you and your family are !! You must have either not been all well or caught a variation of what you had the first time, right? Didnt think it was possible to get the same flu twice…but maybe that’s just always been what I tell myself so as not to freak out! Things sure change in the illness department once you have kids, phew! Well, i thought it might make you feel better if someone popped over and agreed that your new look is *freakin’ fantastic*!!! I LOVE IT. That Parajunkee is one talented girl, right?!?! I sure hope she loves what she does, cause she sure does seem to have a ton of folks wanting her designs 🙂 I hope you feel better soon, and enjoy your gorgeous new look!

    • Kristin

      Thank you so much!! I think I just have the nasty cold part, who knows?! It just felt weird having this really sweet new look and not screaming from the mountain tops. Parajunkee was so incredibly easy to work with!!! She honest to God knew what I wanted!!! She IS very good at what she does!

      I am such a baby when I get sick – such a wuss!!!! 😉

  2. Noooooo! Aw, I’m so sorry that you’re sick! There are so many icky bugs flying around this season, it’s insane. Between the viral and bacterial versions of the flu plus your garden variety crappy colds and stomach bugs, it’s amazing any of us ever leave our beds or houses. I hope you feel better soon. :]

    I know what you’re going through with the wild images and the plugin. I can’t remember exactly what mine was doing now (something wasn’t loading), but I had to deactivate all sorts of plugins to figure out one stinking little issue. It took me at least a full day of messing around and if I remember right, in the end it was a dumb plugin I wasn’t even using anymore. One of the many email subscription things I had been testing but hadn’t deactivated yet.

    Grabbing your adorable new button too!
    Barbara recently posted…Review: The Breakaway (The Breakaway #1) by Michelle Davidson Argyle

    • Kristin

      It sucks when your kidlets are in school and there are the parents who send their kids back too early. I totally understand not having a babysitter if you work and you’re a single parent. It just sucks all around b/c the virus going around here is a 5-7 day fever. Ugh!!!! Can’t do much with that but keep them home!!!

      I had THE worst template before!! I had to have so many goofy plugins just to get it to run right. Now that I have a good one from Parajunkee, I have to de-gunk it all. I know that’s it!! It’s not Parajunkee’s work at all. It’s one of those,”should of gone with the best in the first place….”

      C’est la gere or however that goes!!! Thanks for stopping by and saying HI!!!

    • Kristin

      I should have gotten the shot!!! I’m so against it for my son but for me, no probs!! I don’t want to bring the bug love home… Ugh, I’m an idiot!!! I’ll go get it as soon as I’m 100% so I don’t get another version of the flu. My son is autistic and I just don’t want to take any chances, no matter how far fetched they could be :).

      Can I move the family in with you??? Oh wait!! We can’t afford HI!!! We couldn’t afford CA!! Soak up some vit D for me!!!

  3. Oh no! Not the flu! It went through my house on Christmas. Yuck. I have no idea why or how I escaped it, especially when a bad case of it was sleeping right next to me. I am hoping to continue dodging it.
    I adore the new look! Love the slider and avi.
    Steph, The Readingista recently posted…Mind Games by Kiersten White