Cover Reveals: Misty Provencher’s Cornerstone #3 and Hale Maree’s companion book

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One of my favorite “indie” authors is Misty Provencher.  I absolutely adore her style of writing and her complex, thought provoking worlds.  They are not normal or mundane and they push the limits to what’s comfortable to accept.  I love that.  When I read Misty’s writing, I often find myself thinking back to my readings from Joseph Campbell, a famous American scholar of mythology and religion.  Oh, I’m a firm believer (I love Jesus but I won’t ever ram it down your throat) but I truly believe we all should let our minds be open to every possibility out there.

But I digress…

Ms. Provencher has promised us that she’ll deliver a book in March of 2013.  What book it is, even she’s not sure.  But I have covers to share with you!  No links to Goodreads or and synopsis’ yet.  They are that “fresh”.


JAMB cover 9JAMB (Cornerstone #3)
By Misty Provencher
Expected Publication March 2013 (or sooner?)
















Full of Grace Cover 1Full of Grace (Hale Maree #2)
By Misty Provencher
Expected Publication March 2013 (?)
This will be Landon & Sher’s story…














Misty ProvencherAbout the Author:

Misty Provencher writes everything that her brain can get its matter on. In late 2011, she released her debut, Young Adult novel, Cornerstone, and, in 2012, followed it with the sequel, Keystone. Also in 2012, Provencher released her Adult novel, Hale Maree, and a New Adult novel, Mercy, A Gargoyle Story. Writing across categories and genres, Provencher intends to provide readers with as much excitement, intrigue, and escape as they can handle.

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5 responses to “Cover Reveals: Misty Provencher’s Cornerstone #3 and Hale Maree’s companion book

  1. Well crudbuckets, there’s a Cornerstone #2 out there? I can’t keep up with this stuff! Christy had me pick up #1 and I read Hale Maree so I’m ready for that sequel/companion book (why can’t I remember who Grace was?). I loved that cover, the wedding dress was gorgeous – the stilettos are pretty awesome too.

    I have so many questions, why do you post these at night when my brain is on hiatus? 😀