Quickie Reviews: Misty Provencher’s Cornerstone and Keystone

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I’ve never done mini-reviews before so bear with me on this first try.  I’ve got a ton of reviews I’ve been meaning to write and I’m just not finding the time to get to them.  So instead of not giving these books they attention they deserve, I’m nailing them with “quickies”*.  Please, critique as you like, I won’t be offended… much.

My first time out, I’m featuring author Misty Provencher.  I’ve been reading her works ever since I joined a Read-A-Long for her book Cornerstone.  I absolutely fell in love with the writing and I’ve been a fan of everything she’s done since.  Thank goodness for good notes and memorable reads.


*Remember kiddies, quickies serve their purpose in the right place, right time – use wisely.



THE-NEW-CORNERSTONE-BOO-YAH3-copy-copyCornerstone (The Cornerstone Series #1)
By Misty Provencher
Published November 11th, 2011
Young Adult | Urban Fantasy
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From Goodreads: Nalena Maxwell has been branded ‘The Waste’ at her new school, due to her mom’s obsessive paper hoarding. Nalena desperately wants something to change in her life, but when she receives a sign (and it’s the wrong dang one) inviting her into a mysterious, ancient community, too much changes. What she knew of her family, what she thought of her life and what she believed about her future, is no longer applicable. Seventeen years worth of family skeletons come crashing into Nalena’s life and it is the boy…the one that smiles at her like he wants to hear everything she’ll ever say…that already knows her powerful secrets. But it is only Nalena that can choose between protecting the life that is already crumbling beneath her feet and the one that might sacrifice everything she could ever have.


This is a story that will not be what you expect.  I was completely taken by surprise by the depth of characters, world building, and the actual story.  There’s a little sci-fi, there’s romance (duh), and there’s a whole world built up that kind of skirts religion but isn’t… or is it?  It’s up to you to decide.  Me?  I go the spiritualism route on this one.

I loved Nali because she was a typical teenager who desperately wanted to be normal, not to be considered weird, but still fiercely loves her mom.  And she’s not a fool; she wisely doesn’t trust Garrett when she first meets him.  Just following Nali as she meets all the new “characters” in her life as she discovers who she is and what the truth truly is about her life was so much fun.  I really had a hard time sticking to the Read-A-Long schedule.  As it was, by the last couple of weeks, I couldn’t help myself and I finished the book and started the next one before the Read-A-Long was done.

It was because of the “knocked me out of my seat” ending that I just couldn’t wait to start the next book in the series.  Ms. Provencher held back nothing with her ending of this book.  I was really impressed that she took it up a notch from cruising along with a great story to, “holy crap she did not just do that!”

Right now it’s a free e-book.  Seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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Keystone (The Cornerstone Series #2)
By Misty Provencher
Published July 31st, 2012
Young Adult | Urban Fantasy
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From Goodreads:

There’s a man-made storm coming, like a rip in the world, and it’s called the Cusp.


Struggling to fit into the destiny she’s accepted, Nalena Maxwell has been left with one objective: she must find her murdered grandfather’s Memory. Stolen and hidden away by her own father over seventeen years ago, the Memory could be the key to ending the Cusp and destroying the Ianua’s rival community, The Fury.


Driven by each individual’s selfish desires, The Fury has always lacked the loyalty and organization it needs to be an actual force of power.


Until now.


Someone masterminded the Fury’s massive attack on the Ianua, slaughtering twelve of their thirteen community leaders, the Addos. Now there are rumors that the 13th Cura, to which Nali belongs, has gone to the Fury, manipulating the last Addo in order to control the other 12 Curas.


As the Cusp brings the Fury and their own communities against them, Nalena’s Cura must preserve the Ianua, but finding the key to the Cusp isn’t as simple as it seems.


Keystone picks up exactly right where Cornerstone left off.  If Ms. Provencher had done it any other way, I think I would have stormed her home and demanded a re-write immediately.  Cornerstone ended on such an important scene (not quite a cliff hanger, but sort of?) that you didn’t want to miss out on a minute of the action.  Ms. Provencher delivers.

Left reeling from the huge changes in her life from book one, Nali is in transition.  Ah, book two syndrome….  oh, no!!!  NOT HERE!!  Keystone has a different feel, a different pace, and a somewhat different love story between Nali and Garrett.  Keystone is definitely one of those books that serves as an “arc” book.  But in between Nali learning her new life, there’s a huge conspiracy/mystery at the heart of the battle between good and evil.  It’s like my brother likes to say (when he’s quoting Churchill), “it’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a enigma”.

Most of Keystone is spent on solving the mystery and Nali building her “powers” than is spent on the Nali and Garrett romance.  That really kind of bummed me out.  I wish I could say more about this subject but all I will say is that Ms. Provencher is taking WAAAAAYYYYY too long to write the next book in the series, JAMB.  I needed the next book immediately after finishing Keystone to feed my need for romance.  If she doesn’t deliver….  um, well… I have no idea what I’ll do because I’m not that stalker-ish….  much…

Overall, Keystone made up for the lack of Garrett-heat with action, action, ACTION!!!  And the ideas floating around Ms. Provencher’s mind again make their way to the pages in this book.  This second book in the series does NOT suffer sophomore slump!

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Misty Provencher

About the Author:

Misty Provencher writes everything that her brain can get its matter on. In late 2011, she released her debut, Young Adult novel, Cornerstone, and, in 2012, followed it with the sequel, Keystone. Also in 2012, Provencher released her Adult novel, Hale Maree, and a New Adult novel, Mercy, A Gargoyle Story. Writing across categories and genres, Provencher intends to provide readers with as much excitement, intrigue, and escape as they can handle.

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    • K

      I owe it all you, Candace, Christy and all the others I’m forgetting from the read-a-long I didn’t follow the rules for 😉 Thanks!!!!!!

  1. Hehehe. You nailed your quickies. 😀 I can’t help it, I’m 12.

    Great reviews!! I have both and was debating about reading them soon after I read Mercy and was blown away by Provencher, but now I think I’ll wait until JAMB. I don’t think I want to suffer – I hope she gives a nice big swoony romantic ending though.
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    • K

      How can you wait??!?! You’ve got to at least meet Garrett!! Okay, I’ll tell you what… have you read Hale Maree yet? Oh my……

    • K

      Yay!! I loved Hale Maree (I’m review that and Mercy for next quickies)!! I can’t wait to see what you think b/c Misty is really out there and so imaginative but she gets it down so well to the pages 😀

  2. Thank you so much for your quickies! I thought they were absolutely lovely!!!! It means the world to me- I can’t really tell you what a weighty, happy thing it is- when someone enjoys the stories. Thanks again for reading and even more so for telling others what you thought in this wonderful post. <333
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