Mini Bloggiesta: Summer 2013 Version

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Summer 2013 Mini Bloggiesta is here, like RIGHT NOW!!

I almost missed another mini-challenge.  And I totally love Bloggiesta!!!  This challenge makes me dedicate time to the blog and only the blog.  I call it blog maintenance time.  Time to spiff up the blog and brain storm new ideas.

Time to learn new tricks from other bloggers, too!  Completely invaluable are the mini-challenges that many bloggers host during the week or weekend of Bloggiesta.  For example, this time around, you can learn from Amanda at On A Book Bender “Easy SEO Tweaks”.  You can also access past challenges to learn even more!  It’s like blogger school for free!


So, what’s on my list to do on the blog?

  • Start/work on GG2WD web design course  Worked on chapter one, purchased Thesis template, downloaded it
  • Switch out “Reviews” pages for new UBB page Just added 2013 reviews to bottom of menu for reviews until I finish adding UBB to all reviews 😀
  • Switch social icons to UBB icons decided not to use UBB icons (don’t like “dot” next to icon, counters not working), just switched images to larger versions
  • Continue putting UBB info in all past reviews
  • Update About Me page on blog
  • Update About Me on GoodreadsDone!
  • Re-do Blogroll
  • Fix RSS Feed/switch to Feedblitzdownloaded “The Feedburner Migration Manual” and read up for move.  Will do when I have ample time to dedicate to doing it and more awake.

For more information on Bloggiesta and the full list of challenges, make sure to hit up their dedicated blog for all things Bloggiesta!

[note color=”#D3BDAF”]Update Sunday Night at 10:30pm: I think I’m done for this Bloggiesta. I just didn’t find out about it in time to do any work on my blog yesterday, except for the web design course. I’m going to continue working and finish this list and complete some more items in the next few weeks. Until the next Bloggiesta… Everyone remember, back up your blog tonight!!![/note]










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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

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    • K

      Um, it kind of is now… they upped the price. I’ll email you. Amanda at On a Book Bender turned me onto it 🙂