Where The Heck I’ve Been… this is soooo not a haul post

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I’ve been hiding in a bag…

cat in the bag

Actually, not so much.


We’ve had a couple of family type of issues that have popped up that have prevented me from even coming close to the blog.  This is the first day I’m actually doing anything fun on the computer! 

First, Jake’s schooling isn’t exactly going very well.  Oh, he’s doing awesome with what he has to work with.  But our school system has made some changes that have led to completed crowded classrooms, kids standing during lunch period, art classes taught in lunchroom, and complete havoc.  His entire team of special education professionals has turned over (why do they do this to the kids who need the stability the most?) and I have yet to see or hear from them.  They actually don’t have room in the classroom for his accommodations.  So, as soon as I get word from one of the two schools I’ve applied to, I’ll be homeschooling Jake.  You wouldn’t believe the work that goes into enrolling kids into the free online schools they have available!!

Monday (as in tomorrow), Jake goes in for his fifth surgery and forth set of ear tubes.  It’s the semi-permanent ones and I’m so bummed for him.  He’s taking it like a trooper, though!!  I believe his developmental delay/Autism is related to his hearing problems.  When he started “acting up” before school started, I knew it was the ears so I had taken him in to our ENT and sure enough, the last set of tubes are out and there’s fluid in his ears again.  Keep the grommet in your thoughts.


I just wanted to let y’all know I didn’t fall down a well (“Lassie, I’m over here!”) or went into rehab.  I hope to pick up things this week on the blog with reviews for all the awesome books coming out NOW!!!

Enjoy your week, everyone!!!






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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

16 responses to “Where The Heck I’ve Been… this is soooo not a haul post

  1. Mel Thomas

    *hugs* Hope Jake’s surgery goes well and the schooling situation gets straightened out.

    • K

      Surgery went great! He’s playing with his two Lego Star Wars sets as we speak 😀

      Thanks, girlie!

    • K

      I think homeschooling will be awesome for him! We’ll get him back into school in high school if he wants, but in the better school district that didn’t have room for him this year!

      *passes empty flask back*

      hiccup! 😉

    • K

      Thanks, sweetie! Jake did real good! Kid is a real trooper, but then again, anything for more Lego kits!!

    • K

      Isn’t school always frustrating, no matter if your kid has special needs or not?! Things will slow down I’m sure… just in time for the holidays!!! 😀 Thanks, girlie!!!