Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day 2: The Pros & Cons of Blogging

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Rachel at Parajunkee has come up with a terrific idea to start the new year out right.  And it’s super easy… jump on and join along!  Just click on the image above or go HERE for all the details! 


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It’s day two of the challenge and today we’re supposed to list the pros and the cons of book blogging.  I’m going to assume this is for me, personally.  So… here are mine in no particular order:

The Pro’s

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  • I’ve gone from reading only 10 books a year to almost 100.  Being out of school for 20+ years, I’m still exercising my writing and typing skills, as well as increasing my vocabulary.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste, indeed.
  • I’m gaining valuable skills in web design, social media, and everything else related to the book publishing industry.  I work in a library and although I don’t have a library sciences degree, I know more about the industry than a lot of librarians out there.  Who cares about databases, anyways (just kidding, boss!)
  • I have what I’d like to call friends all over the globe.  I can’t tell you how cool that is.
  • Book signings – you meet the coolest people at these things!!! 
  • Authors – almost all of them are human and they rock!


The Cons

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  • I have a strong urge to throttle anyone I see using Internet Explorer
  • I feel like the computer I’m using is out of date and I must have a new, faster computer
  • I have feelings of inadequacy because everyone else’s blog is prettier and they are getting physical ARCs


See?  So my cons are all self-realized and pretty stupid so I see no downside to book blogging.  My hubs may have other ideas but phhhhht… what does he know? 

See you tomorrow!!!







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10 responses to “Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day 2: The Pros & Cons of Blogging

  1. I know what you mean about friends all over I love it, and when I meet someone that loves to read review etc. I can’t stop talking.. hehe.. I am diffidently not professional in no way. But I do have some help, my daughter has given me a lot of advice and help fixing my booboo’s alot of times. And I am sure there are some of us out here that would help if you ask. I know I am here and if I don’t know I will ask my daughter. Try not to stress to much this year on that, please ask okay. Sincerely,
    Kim J recently posted…Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge: Day 2

  2. I am right there with you on the 1st one. I wish I had kept better track of how much I actually read prior to blogging. I know it was nowhere near what I’m reading now. lol – the IE comment! And your blog looks great, but I totally know what you mean.
    Christy recently posted…That One Summer by C.J. Duggan

  3. I love book signings and getting to talk to new (often indie) authors! It’s definitely a huge pro for me when it comes to blogging 🙂