Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day 6: The Best Book of 2013

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Rachel at Parajunkee has come up with a terrific idea to start the new year out right.  And it’s super easy… jump on and join along!  Just click on the image above or go HERE for all the details! 


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I case you didn’t notice, I kind of disappeared for Days 4 and 5.  Day 4 was an accident – I wanted to post that day but I confused Day 4 for Day 5.  Day 5 was the day I was trying to avoid.  I could not bring myself to try and list the worst book of 2013 that I read.  Even now, I’m looking at my lowest rated books, 3 stars, and they were only rated that way because the books weren’t to my taste.  Certainly not the book’s fault!  They still had merit and someone would actually LOVE the books.  I’m sure I even say that in my reviews.

If I had to list the worst book, it would have been the Mercy Thompson graphic novel I read because the art sucked.  The story didn’t flow, either.  It was just, “blech”.

But we’re here for the

Best Book of 2013

I picked this book because the author surprised me by coming back from a disappointing book in 2012 to knock me on my knees with this fantastic entry in her series. 

I admit I’m picky about this author and probably expect way too much from her but I’ve read this series through twice.  I’ve attended her book signings every year for the last four years.  This was an author I started reading when I first began reading urban fantasy so she’s kind of a sentimental favorite to me.  And she completely knocked it out of the park with action, tension, a wee bit of romance, and held nothing back when she went about killing off characters.  It is absolutely one of the best books of the series.

ever after
Ever After (The Hollows #11) by Kim Harrison
Published January 22nd, 2013

My Review


So tell me, what was YOUR favorite book??? 







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11 responses to “Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day 6: The Best Book of 2013

  1. I was wondering where you went! I was like, ‘I comment on her’s everyday and she’s not there!” — But I get where you are coming from.. I hated making the worst book post.. Because even though it might have been the worst to me, someone else probably loved it. & I HATE feeling like I am somehow making the author feel like crap simply because a book wasn’t to my liking.
    Tabby recently posted…Book Bloggers New Year’s Challenge – Day 6

    • K

      I KNOW!! Every book is redeeming in some form or another and who am I to say whether another person won’t like it. That’s why I don’t really do negative reviews and I don’t take books I know I won’t like. I soooo agree with you!!!
      K recently posted…Review: Wanted by J. Kenner

  2. I’ve skipped a few days of this challenge as well, but will jump back in tomorrow! Have to admit that I gave up on The Hollows, but will take a look at this one since you said Kim knocks it out of the park! Love when that happens!
    Alexia561 recently posted…Winter 2014 Mini Bloggiesta!