Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day 9: Cons or Events I Hope to Attend

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Rachel at Parajunkee has come up with a terrific idea to start the new year out right.  And it’s super easy… jump on and join along!  Just click on the image above or go HERE for all the details! 

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Day nine and we’re talking about those events or conventions that we plan on (or hope we’ll) be able to attend this year. 


Since February 2010, I’ve been attending Kim Harrison’s book signings.  I plan on going again this year.  It’s usually around my birthday so it ends up being my birthday present. 

Kim Harrison 2010
Kim Harrison & myself in February 2010


This year, I’m going to TRY very hard to find a way to attend the ALA conference in Las Vegas.  It’s either that or BEA, but since I belong to ALA and work in a library… it probably won’t happen but I can try 🙂


Up for sharing a hotel room with me? 








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17 responses to “Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day 9: Cons or Events I Hope to Attend

    • What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas…especially when your husband is sitting right next to you.

      Freaking immature tourists. Pff!

      • K

        OMG, agreed! I lived in San Diego for years and we had the same problem, although I’m sure not quite as bad 🙁

    • K

      That’s dumb! I notice a lot of authors miss your area!! It’s like the outskirts of U.S. and nothing else… boooooo!

    • K

      I should go to BEA… It’s a helluva lot closer and I’d probably know a lot more peeps, that’s for sure!!! It’s just that it’s coming up so freakin’ quick!!!!

    • K

      I really hope I can go… I already have an invite from a big publisher for one of their “shows” …. grrrrr!!

    • K

      I know how you feel!! ALA being in Chicago last year broke my heart b/c I was broke AND it was bad timing!!! I would love to go to RT, too. We’ll see…

  1. I’ve never been to a book event before! I just don’t have the transportation, funds, or something else comes up 🙁 But I hope you get to go! 🙂