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That touch of magicThat Touch of Magic (Nodaway Falls #2)
by Lucy March
Published January 28th, 2014
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
352 pages
Urban Fantasy | Paranormal Romance
Source: received from St. Martin’s Paperbacks (via Edelweiss) in exchange for an unbiased review (Thank You!)


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About the book:

Stacy Easter has seen better days. Being a librarian is a labor of love—if only paying her bills were half as much fun. What’s a single, bookish beauty in sleepy Nodaway Falls, New York, supposed to do?


To make ends meet, Stacy decides to develop her special…powers. Everyone can use a touch of magic now and then, right? Soon she’s got clients lining up to receive her signature potions—until a few of them go awry. Meanwhile, her own life has just taken a storybook turn: Leo North, the official One Who Got Away, is back in town.


Stacy’s best friends, Peach and Liv, are more concerned about the state of her heart than the side effects of a few rogue magic spells. But someone with dark intentions is crossing magical wires all over Nodaway Falls, and those closest to Stacy are at risk. Can Stacy conjure up a way out of this mess with her life—and maybe even her love life—intact?


That Touch of Magic is the second book in Lucy March’s Nodaway Falls series.  It’s kind of a cross between a paranormal romance and an urban fantasy.  I couldn’t decide on what it was because one minute the story was heavy on urban fantasy and the next, we were knee deep in “relationship” romance (lots of talking things out).  If you like a blend of both, you’ll like this story.  It has both, plus a gazillion tons of mystery and investigation weaved through with light romance.

In the previous book, A Little Night Magic, Stacy and her friends suffered a huge loss to their close knit group of friends and life is just now getting back to normal.  Stacy makes ends meet by selling her “magical” potions to the locals, most potions being of the “love” variety.  She lives in a Winnebago and has a nice shed on her property where she practices her magical skills.  She’s got her friends and as far as she’s concerned, that’s all she needs.

But literally walking back in the door is the guy who broke Stacy’s heart years ago.  Leo is probably the only guy she ever loved and the reason why she’ll never, ever let another guy get in her heart again.  At the same time he’s walking back into Nodaway, some of her potions have started to have some pretty wonky side effects that have her running around the entire town doing damage control.

I really liked Stacy as a strong heroine.  She was different than most romantic leads in that she had a very, VERY strong personality.  She thought for herself, never really waffled on decisions, and was willing to do what it took to protect her friends, even if it took great personal sacrifice.  She acted kind of like a guy!  I hated that some of the characters saw her as selfish but I saw her as brave.  She was definitely a favorite part of the book for me.  She was a fabulous narrator! 

Other characters like Stacy’s friends Peach and Liv were also fantastic.  In just their small parts in the book, I felt I knew them very well.  And I think I enjoyed Mrs. “call me Deidre!” Troudt’s HEA more than the main character’s HEA.  Crazy, huh?

Well, it was because for a romantic lead, I knew very little about Leo.  I know I didn’t read the first book but I still felt like I had no clue about Leo when I finished the book.  Granted, we were given their back story from Stacy’s point of view but even at the end, after it was all wrapped up, I was still unsure about him.  Granted, the story took care of this in a very unique way (it’ll spoil the story if I tell you) but I still never connected with Leo.  But you might think differently after the ending so don’t just take my biased word for it!!!!  It really was a cute, unique ending!

I really don’t mean to sound like a total downer about this story.  I just wanted more romance between the Stacy and Leo.  I think my expectations were just too high – MY BAD!!!  From the cover, I just expected more interaction from Leo and Stacy.

I think it was all the world building and explaining of magic and how it worked that forced the romance out of the story.  And, unfortunately for me, I hard a hard time catching on to how magic worked in Ms. March’s world.  I understood that there’s night magic and day magic.  And then there’s conjurers and then there are people who just do magic, for lack of a better term.  I just couldn’t keep up most of the time.  If you read the story, you might figure out what I mean.

If you’ve read this series or this book, I’d love to know what you thought about it.  Did I just miss something entirely important because I didn’t read the first book?  I did read the ARC so there is that…  But if you like romance but heavy on the urban fantasy, give this series or book a try.  You might just like it better than I did!


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Lucy March

About the Author:

Lucy March is the split personality of NYT and USA Today bestselling author Lani Diane Rich. In 2010, she started writing her popular blog, A Year and Change, which documented the last fifteen months before her fortieth birthday. On her blog, Lucy worked through personal issues involving her divorce, her sense of self-worth, and her mother; she developed a following that eventually became the Betties, and occasionally opined on things like dieting, the writing process and vajazzling.

Now, she is happily remarried and lives with her husband, her two young daughters and her best friend on a river in southern Ohio, and life is pretty damn good.

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4 responses to “Review: That Touch of Magic by Lucy March

  1. Leo really wasn’t in the first book. I am 50% done with this one and I agree that I am going to like the teacher’s HEA more. I like Stacy (a lot) but Leo is just meh to me. As far as the magic, I think it is vague because the girls are just learning about it. They kind of got it the last book so I am guessing that is why it is vague for us (Just my guess).

    I enjoyed the first book and this one is quirky fun, just not as good as the first one so far.
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  2. You read this without reading the first book? For shaaaame! I’m on the hunt for a new UF to obsess about since The Hollows are ending soon. I don’t know about this one though… maybe I’ll try the FIRST book. 😛
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