Shush! I’m Reading! Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-Thon

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WVRATbutton 2014I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been a bit under the weather with a bug and…

I’m reading my eyeballs dry during the

Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-Thon

I have GOT to demolish this wall I have that is aptly named “Review Reads”.  It has me completely cut-off from all my so-called “fun-reads”.  Thank goodness for WVReadathon!!  I will be lucky to get any reviews written this week, though.  Yes, I’m a bonafide pant-ser when it comes to posting reviews.  I ramble on tangents when I’m medicated…


Here’s my list of books for this week, in no particular order (optimism is high!):

Cruel_Beauty Breaking Nova uninvitedCollide






defy four seconds to lose Hard as it Gets My Sweetest Escape






Pulse Red rising The Emperor's Blades The Fly House












 Every one is an awesome read that I’m totally looking forward to, too!  You can also tell I have very eclectic tastes!!!


If you feel the need… the need to read this week, there’s always time to jump on the WVReadathon anytime!  Just click on the logo at the top or the link HERE and sign up.  You don’t even need a blog, just somewhere public where you can share your awesome progress. 

See?!  Medication = optimism for everyone!! 

The challenges are also up all week long!  I can’t make the Twitter party on Wednesday because I’m working during the time it’s going off but I hope to make Saturday’s Twitter bash!  #WWReadathon, baby!!

I think I need to go lie down now…







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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

19 responses to “Shush! I’m Reading! Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-Thon

    • K

      My eyes are bigger than brain can handle… we’ll see what I get to!! Trust me, there are sooooo many more Kindle books behind these I need to get to!!!

    • K

      I try and hit this one EVERY TIME it comes around 😀 Love those girlies at My Shelf Confessions!!!!

    • K

      Ya know, it turned out to be a migraine behind the bug so I popped a pill and all is good… UGH. I’m so over meds!!

  1. Uninvited is totally on my wish list! I love the optimism – I was really optimistic with my list to haha what can we say – it’s good to dream! 😀 good luck on your goals and I hope you love all your books! Tabs just finished reading Cruel Beauty the other day I believe, I love the cover on it!

    • K

      I just fixed it! I thought it was the same, too, but I swear my dry eyeballs saw on your post “WV” and I was all confused b/c I had originally gone with WWRAT!! So, really, I was completely and utterly confused all over the place thinking the original was WWRAT and not WWReadathon!!! Yep, I’ll be there either way on Sat… Hopefully nobody listens to me!!! 😀

    • K

      Phhhhhtt… you get listening time Beeeoch!!!! I’m jealous all over the place of that!!! Just join us already!!! I think that counts, doesn’t it?

    • K

      OH Girlie!!! You only have to participate a day of reading and there’s this ONE challenge, it’s a jigsaw puzzle, and I’ll tell you a secret. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone! You can totally cheat on it!!! Now, I’m not suggesting it, b/c, hey, that’s takes the relaxation out of sitting there, taking a break from reading and doing a puzzle. I did them all, most all of them completely ;). But there’s this little button in the lower left corner that if you push it, it might show you the picture. I’m just saying…….