Kim Harrison Book Signing, News and Discussing The Hollows Series

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Every year about this time, I anxiously wait for the tour date announcements.  Then I go online and buy my tour t-shirt so I’m properly decked-out when I go.  The calendar is marked, all I have to do is make sure I take off work and the hubs knows he’s home with the grommet that day.  It’s a two hour drive there and another two hour drive back, most likely in the snow and the dark. 

But I don’t care, this was my FOURTH year in a row making the “pilgrimage” but actually my fifth time.  No, it’s not a rock concert… it’s the release day book signing for Kim Harrison’s The Undead Pool, silly!

photo credit: Kristin Clifton
photo credit Kristin Clifton

If you’ve never been to one of Ms. Harrison’s book signings, she and her husband are completely adorable and so much fun.  If “Guy” isn’t making faces behind Kim, they are playing off each other and generally having a great time.  They are definitely a team in Ms. Harrison’s work.

photo credit Kristin Clifton
photo credit Kristin Clifton

Most signings, Ms. Harrison will read an excerpt from her book, either her favorite passage or one that illustrates the books perfectly.  She’ll then open up the floor for a Q & A session.

photo credit Kristin Clifton
photo credit Kristin Clifton




This year, I took notes and I’ve got Kim Harrison news to share with you:

I asked Ms. Harrison, “Will there be a book 13?” – I was actually nervous about this when I finished The Undead Pool.  Ms. Harrison responded by saying that Yes, there is a book 13, it’s in revisions and there is a title and a cover.  She can’t share either but the cover is beautiful.  Rachel is on the cover and some mysterious guy but that’s all she would say.  Her publisher told her she couldn’t share the cover yet.

When asked where she got her character names, she gave some great answers.  For Ceri’s name, she just needed a Celtic name and it’s actually pronounced with a hard ‘k’ sound.  Kisten’s name actually means a ‘stone coffin that you keep money in’.  Biz and all the gargoyle’s names are music words (duh if you haven’t picked that up).  Biz’s name means ‘to repeat’. 

Ivy’s name is much simpler.  It’s actually a variation on IV, as in when you get a needle stabbed in your arm in the hospital.  Which takes me to another question asked: Where does Jenk’s snark come from?  Obviously her and Guy agreed that was all Kim.  😀

It’s going to be another TWO years before we see anything new from Ms. Harrison but she’s absolutely enjoying what she’s working on.  When pressed for more information (and yes, she was poked and prodded for more to the consternation of Guy) she gave up that it was a cross of Bourne Identity meets Inception.  Holy freaking WOW! 

I think this was probably one of Ms. Harrison’s most interesting Q&A’s that I’ve ever been to.  I was fascinated by her answer to the question, “What was the hardest book for you to write?”  Ms. Harrison answered that it was The Outlaw Demon Wails (The Hollows #6).  I would have assumed it was the book immediately before it, For a Few Demons More (The Hollows #5).  But in actuality, it was book 6 because originally, certain things didn’t happen in book 5 until Kim had started writing book 6 (crazy, right?).  So she had to go back and make changes and deletions to book 5.  If you know the series, you know those changes had to be heartbreaking.  Sorry if I’m being cryptic to those of you who haven’t read the series.  I actually had this series spoiled GRANDLY for me and I’ve vowed ever since never to spoil a book or series for anyone, ever.

But, that red hair of “Kim Harrison’s” WILL be around for a while.  Despite a recent trim to the wig and endless snarls, the persona is here to stay for a while to come! 

I can’t wait for NEXT YEAR’S celebration for Rachel’s HEA!!! 

And yes, according to Ms. Harrison, there WILL be closure!  But to quote the Snarkestress,

“Happily ever afters for everyone who survives…” 


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Kim & I – photo credit Kristin Clifton
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7 responses to “Kim Harrison Book Signing, News and Discussing The Hollows Series

  1. I really need to try to get into this series. I read the first one but wasn’t all that blown away by it though I did enjoy it, but every time I see someone who is up to date with the series get excited I get excited. 😛 I’m glad you got to go to another one of her signings! I know a few people who will be very happy to hear that book 13 is on the way.
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    • K

      Honestly, if it wasn’t one of the first UF books I read, I probably wouldn’t have been blown away by Dead Witch Walking, either. If you can make it to book three, it’ll be all worth it. Eh, just keep in mind for a rainy day 😉