Review: The Flyhouse by Misty Provencher

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The Fly HouseThe Fly House
By Misty Provencher
Published January 25st, 2014
Cornerstone Publishing
472 pages
Fantasy | Dystopian | Sci-Fi | Adult Romance
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About the book:

The Earth’s atmosphere is swiss cheese. To avoid the oncoming oxygen crisis, black-sheep heiress, Maeve Aypotu, has been chemically suspended in one of the Archive’s plush, multi-million dollar chambers, located underground. Scientists claim they can patch everything up in about 15 years, so, just to be safe, the Archive programmed the chambers to open in 17 years.


And then, everything on Earth went wrong.


Up on the surface, Pluto has taken control of the planet, scorching away all signs of human civilization and reconstructing the environment to suit the Plutian’s lucrative dragon trade. Humans that survived are forced to be laborers, divided into five Houses, each handling a different stage of the dragon harvest. Survival and re-population have become a currency among the Houses. To make matters worse, Rha Diem, the rugged leader of the Fly House, has gotten word that the cost of existence just rose to a price that no human should have to pay. And now there is a whole Archive of survivors that will be expected to pay too.


Learning to trust one another may need to start small—with the fusion of one powerful Rha and one bad ass black sheep—before a damaged race can even hope to regain control of their alien Earth.


I don’t even know where to begin.  How do I explain and review this story and pay it the justice it deserves?  Why did I see the title of this book and cringe a little? Let me explain a bit.  The “Fly House” has nothing to do with flys, as in those pesky things that haunt your picnic.  For some peculiar reason, I kept getting awful images of that when I saw the title of this book.  That or a roach motel.  You all know I’m weird so it’s expected.

But this Fly House is a “house” that trains dragons.  There are several houses that take on a task in the process of breeding dragons for the Plutians. But I’m getting waaaaay ahead of myself.

This story uses multiple POVs.  After a little bit of a “storytime” moment set in the future, our story sends us back in time to the present day.  We’re now following Maeve Aypotu, the heiress to a pharmaceutical/medical supply fortune who just wants her rich and aloof parents to leave her alone.  But they’ve reluctantly paid for Maeve to be chemically suspended in time while the Earth is “repaired” so she can be revived when all the nastiness is over and life back on Earth is back to normal.  Maeve relents and joins her folks in the Archive, figuring it would be better “sleeping” through Earth’s mess than suffering through it in her crappy apartment.

I can’t even begin to explain the rich, complex fantasy, dystopian, romance that occurs after Maeve wakes up!  The story is set on Earth so there isn’t really a big sci-fi aspect to the story.  Only that there are aliens on the planet.  That’s about it. 

One thing is for sure, this book is NOT for the kiddies.  From characters with the most unusual names (for a very good reason) to some the most, errrr…  carnal and impassioned love scenes I have read, this IS a grown up read.

The book is written from multiple POVs so if you sometimes have trouble with switching of POVs, you may get a bit confused.  I personally LOVE multiple POVs.  I get confused when there is a separate narrator to the story.  But that’s my own little quirk.  With the multiple POVs, I felt like I got a better understanding of each character’s personality and motivations.  Especially the Plutians.  Creeps…

This is a stand alone and it is perfect that way.  There is a ton of action, too.  Oooo, I can’t believe I almost forgot about the action!  Flying dragon fights!

I’d be writing the longest review in history if I touched on all the coolest parts of this book.  So I’m glossing over and saying the writing is fantastic.  The characters are completely unique and often times hysterically funny as only Ms. Provencher can write.  She rocks the snark and satirical humor like nobody’s business.  

My only beef with the book was that I wished there was more time spent with the dragons.  But then, I think chocolate goes good on anything and everything.  Too much of a good thing is probably bad… 

Oh, just go get the book…


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Misty ProvencherAbout the author:

Misty Provencher writes everything that her brain can get its matter on. In late 2011, she released her debut, Young Adult novel, Cornerstone, and, in 2012, followed it with the sequel, Keystone. Also in 2012, Provencher released her Adult novel, Hale Maree, and a New Adult novel, Mercy, A Gargoyle Story. Writing across categories and genres, Provencher intends to provide readers with as much excitement, intrigue, and escape as they can handle.

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