I’m Taking a Short Time Out

Posted April 6, 2014 in Discussion / 17 Comments

The beach 5 minutes from our house. Spring is coming!


As you may know, I get migraines quite often.  I’m actually diagnosed by the Michigan Headache & Neurological Institute as having chronic migraines and I have about 7 prescriptions I can take for them.  I’ve had a migraine since last Tuesday and it’s been manageable.  I have great medicine.  Not to bore ya with details but Imitrex actually works for me when I need it.  I take a daily pill, too.  Unfortunately, the migraine is putting up a fight and it’s gotten to the point it where it hurts to move my head and I don’t want to eat.  It scary that the rescue meds aren’t working so I need to rest so that’s what I’m gonna do 🙂


I’m taking a short time out for the next week.  I will be returning to regularly scheduled posts on Monday, April 14th.  This is just so I don’t sweat the blog while I get better. 

I have posts scheduled Monday and Thursday so it’ll look like I’m around, but I won’t be. 

See ya soon!








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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

17 responses to “I’m Taking a Short Time Out

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your migraines. I get them too, but not as bad as any that last a week! I do hope you recover soon and are back to 100% asap. 🙂
    Chanpreet recently posted…Bloglovin

  2. So sorry, you are suffering. I do too. I have had them for decades. I have tried everything and now on Botox. It works wonders for me just VERY EXPENSIVE. I would love to go the beach for some R & R! Get better!

    • K

      I’m SO sorry you’re on to Botox… have you tried the nerve blockers yet? That would have fixed me this time as it was all in my neck AND the left eyeball. All I can say is that you’re super brave!

    • K

      Have you tried Topomax? Once I got it up to a high enough dosage, it cut my migraines down a ton!

  3. I’ve never had a migraine, so I can’t imagine the pain you’re in. 🙁 Wish I lived closer, I’d come over and play drums for you. That would help, right? Kidding. I hope your brain feels better soon. *hugs*
    Christy recently posted…Sunday Post #73 (4/6/14)

  4. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you will feel better soon. My grandmother used to have migraine, and I remember she stayed with the light switched off and couldn’t stand any smell, when she had severe pain. Don’t worry we will always be here to support you 🙂