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Fish out of WaterFish Out Of Water (Aegira Chronicles #1)
By Ros Baxter
Published April 1st, 2013
Escape Publishing
237 pages
Urban Fantasy
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About the book:

Dirtwater’s straight-talking Deputy Sheriff Rania Aqualina has a lot on her plate: a nicotine addiction that’s a serious liability for a mermaid, a soldier-of-fortune ex who’s hooked on her Mum’s brownies, a gorgeous, naked stranger in her shower, and a mysterious dead blonde with a fish tattoo on Main Street.


Heading home to Aegira for a family wedding, Rania has a sinking feeling that’s got nothing to do with hydroporting seven miles under the sea and everything to do with the crazy situation. Now, if she can just steal a corpse, get a crazy Aegiran priest off her case, work out who the hell’s trying to kill her, and stop sleeping with the fishes, she might be able to unravel the mysteries. And maybe even save her own ass while she’s at it.

Recently I was asked to review Beached, book two in the Aegira Chronicles by Ros Baxter.  She mentioned that it could be read on its own but I wanted to go back and read the first book anyways (I’m still recovering from a recent lashing by a blogger friend who schooled me on the importance of reading books in order, blah, blah, blah).  I’m so glad I did because I really enjoyed reading a book set in a world I don’t normally gravitate towards – mermaids. Toss in a duo setting of underwater and land, making this a true urban fantasy read, and I was completely hooked 😉

Let me start out by saying that Rania is no Madison from “Splash”.  Rania is smart, down to earth, a great detective, and a quick thinker.  And I don’t think she goes around smiling and saying, “Oooo, pretty” at everything she sees.  Rania is funny in the sense that she’s no prissy.  She’s a guy’s gal, meaning she can hang with the guys just fine.  She’s a Sheriff’s Deputy, so she needs to be a little rough around the edges.  I really liked her fight and spirit.  Her voice as narrator was perfect!

Rania is half mermaid, half human and lives on land with her mermaid mother in a small town in the desert.  Makes complete sense for a mermaid, right?  While working her job she comes across a murdered mermaid.  Later on, a merman shows up unexpectedly in a nearby shower and Rania is getting an inkling that these two events are connected and that something is amiss back underwater in Aegira.  Rania also has a pesky problem of having to deal with the impending hour of her demise coming up fast.  You see, she visited a Seer when she was young and made the mistake of asking about her death.  “You can’t handle the truth!”  Oops, wrong movie.

Raina in all her splendid attitude handled everything thrown her way and like I said earlier, she’s got fight, spirit, and she IS smart!  Supporting characters didn’t let me down, either.  Raina’s mom is the quirky, soft side of Raina.  Note to Ms. Baxter: I would LOVE to read her and Arty’s love story someday.  Doug is Rania’s best bud and the muscles when you need them.  Larry is brilliant and tortured; think a softer Dr. House.  I could go on but you get my drift, each supporting character has a well developed personality and a defined roll in the overall plot.

Did I mention that there’s merman?  Yes, Raina gets a love interest and he’s HOT!  Apparently mermaid men can be alpha types and look like fighters while still maintaining that merman “style”.

And while there may have been a lull or two for some wordy discussion or freight trains of thought on the part Rania, the plot to this story doesn’t slow down and continues surprising well until the last very last page.   Having read the next book in the series, Beached, I can look back and say that I am 100% glad that I took the time to read book number one.


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ros baxterAbout the author:

Ros has been writing stories since she was eight years old, but she likes her new stuff better than her old stuff. She writes fresh, funny, genre-busting fiction. She digs feisty heroines, quirky families, heroes to make you sigh and tingle, and a dash of fantasy from time to time.

In real life, Ros works in policy for the Australian Government and in her non-existent spare time she coordinates tomorrowgirl, a short story competition for remote Indigenous girls.

Ros lives in Brisbane’s North with her husband Blair, four small but very opinionated children, a neurotic dog and nine billion germs.

Ros loves to hear from readers and connect with them on her facebook and twitter pages.

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