Sunday Post #34: Making Up for Lost Time

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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.

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Ever feel like just not blogging?  I mean, not even turning on the computer?  It’s so much easier to pick up a book, isn’t it?!  All this sitting around waiting for the computer to boot-up, to find my blog, set up a post, think about said post…  UGH!  The sheer torture!!! 

Yeah, I’ve been feeling the torture.

Again, I remind all my awesome, wonderful, dazzling readers that this ↓ here blog is a hobby for me.  I come and go to my own detriment 🙂 

How the hell have y’all been?!?!?!?



I’m freaking fabulous!  I spent a fantastic weekend in Chicago last weekend and it totally re-set my personality!  I think spending time with the best friends should be prescribed yearly.  How about I get a welfare card for that, Obama???!!!  Ah, crap… here I go… stop me now!!!

It just so happened that we stumbled on Lit Fest in Printer’s Row in Chicago.  Pretty cool book sale and Chicago author festival!!!  Here’s some various pics from our time spent in and around Millennium park and the architecture boat tour of Chicago:

I’m in the middle 😉

IMG_0946 IMG_1005











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winterspell Thousand Pieces of you Mortal Gods










i am the mission Heir of Fire heated










deliverance A New Darkness 100 miles sideways









I’ve been wanting to read more books that would appeal to teen boys.  Hence the books by Zadoff, Delaney, and Smith 🙂    Definitely trying something completely new for me!




From Baker & Taylor:

The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

Six Feet Over It by Jennifer Longo

Trust Me, I’m Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer

Of Monsters and Madness by Jessica Verday



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Kristin has to ensure she gets her minimal requirement of "happily ever after" books in between those books that contain cliffhangers and never-ending story arcs. It's for her family's sake. When not reading, she's homeshooling her 10-year old son, watching cartoons on TV, or taking a nap.



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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

23 responses to “Sunday Post #34: Making Up for Lost Time

  1. LAZY!! Get your butt to blogging! 😛 I just spend like 30-40 setting up the next 10 or so posts with the UBB plugin, save them in drafts. Then I just copy my reviews over and schedule the. Writing the full reviews is where I become a slacker. Blahhhhhhhh.

    Glag you have fun in Chicagie!
    Christy recently posted…Sunday Post #83 (6/15/14)

  2. I have had those days and I tend to take off on the weekends from blogging to get a little break but I enjoy it so I am not sure If i would be able to stop completely 🙂

    Of Monsters and Madness is so good, I really enjoyed that books and hope she is going to make it a series. I think it might be but I’m not sure 🙂

    I wish I had a group of friends to hang with like that 🙂 you look like you had a great time.

    Lots of awesome books this week! Enjoy

    Have a great week Kristin!!!
    Michelle recently posted…Week in READ-view & The Sunday Post

  3. Look at all those books 🙂 I like the cover and the blurb for 100 Sideways Miles.

    We all need blogging breaks and who can argue with more reading time? One of my co-bloggers, Jax, was at Printers Row too and had a good time. Who knows, you may have bumped into each other. 😀
    Bea recently posted…Sunday Book Share #93

    • K

      I was blown away by how cool Chicago was and how friendly everyone was at Printers Row!! Did they eat at Geno’s??? We ate there twice (it’s right on the same street and we kept gravitating there!). I’m addicted to Ace Pear cider now *hiccup*

    • K

      All we did was browse, too, b/c we literally stumbled on it as well. That was cool enough for us!! Really, any day rolling around in books is a great day! You’re so lucky to have done it before – I had no clue it was even happening.

    • K

      I actually found Winterspell because I saw a bunch of other bloggers picking it up. I read the blurb and fell in love! Thank goodness for Sunday haul posts and WoW 😉

    • K

      Can you tell I’m planning my reading ahead for the summer or what?! I need to come out YA for a bit, though, huh? o.O

    • K

      I still can’t get over how long you’ve been blogging!!! Happy Anniversary/Blogversary!!! PLEASE don’t let it get to be like work for you. I know as soon as I get a bunch of posts scheduled I’ll be all gleeful 🙂

  4. Yep, I hear you I keep going through periods of burn out with blogging and I have cut back a lot, not as many guest posts and all that just reviews. It really helps. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend. We hit Seattle over the weekend and had a blast.
    Heidi recently posted…Review: On the Fence by Kasie West