Sunday Post #36: It’s Not About Quantity, It’s About Quality

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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.

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This past week I was busy getting ready for our neighborhood’s annual garage sale.  Ever notice that you really have to accumulate about four years of junk before it’s really worth the effort?  And I’ve got to say, some people are just rude.  I had a guy come through today insulting my prices, telling me everything was expensive and offering me $1 for a brand new, never used Skylander Swap-Force Figure that is $15 in stores.  And then he got disgusted when I said no.  Really?  I was only asking $5.  I don’t know why people surprise me anymore….

Happy place here I come (see below)!!!


Hard Knocks No Limits










As soon as I heard Lori Foster was writing a MMA themed series, I put the hunt on for these two titles!  I’m so incredibly excited to get into these, both because it’s MMA which I watch and because this will be my first Lori Foster experience (be gentle, Lori, okay?).  Thank you, Lisa at Harlequin!!! 🙂


Club Shadowlands

This is a book I have been wanting to read for years.  I read Cherise’s The Dom’s Dungeon and loved it.  Nothing scary or over the top so I wanted to try this one.  Last week someone mentioned that it was free on Amazon (1,000 apologies but I forget who it was!!!) so I scooped it up 🙂  As of Friday night it was still FREE on Amazon.





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15 responses to “Sunday Post #36: It’s Not About Quantity, It’s About Quality

    • K

      Lori has constantly impressed me with her commitment to her readers. Hello???? Reader Author Get Together in Cinci!!! I really wanted to read her, start at the beginning of a series, and this one is in a sport I know!! And number one reason… I’m guessing she’s an OHIO author!!! My beloved home state… 🙂

      People ARE cray-cray!!!! Look at us 🙂

  1. I wanted to read No Limits because it’s about Cannon from the Love Undercover series, but when I saw it on NG, I just wasn’t in the mood. I’ll probably read it sometime though. Hope you like it.
    Christy recently posted…Sunday Post #85 (6/29/14)

    • K

      Was it the NG commitment? My average is still above 80% (I know, go fig) and I really, really wanted to try Lori so I did it. Harlequin is never on Edelweiss and if I bought it, I’d never get to them. YES, I need to be in a perpetual ARC challenge, huh?

    • K

      So many more people have enjoyed Shadowlands since I orginally found it so I KNOW it’s good!! I’m sure I’ll end up buying the rest 😉

  2. Mel Thomas

    That is precisely why I don’t do the yard sale thing. I just pack up my stuff and take it to Goodwill. It would be nice to have the extra cash, but rude ass people make the whole thing not worth it.

    I am a huge Cherise Sinclair fan. Hope you enjoy the Masters of the Shadowlands series as much as I do!

    • K

      It was like getting my favorite ARC in the mail, I was so happy to see Shadowlands free!!! Sinclair seemed like such a classy, talented writer and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.