Sunday Post #37: The Big “Think”

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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.

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Holy crap!  I’m alive!  Not that I really want to draw attention to the matter but I haven’t posted to my blog in two weeks.  I’m pretty gosh darn sure I’m back now.  At least I want to be.  It’s been two weeks of reflection (read: laziness), planning (read: making lists), and frantically trying to complete my web design course that I’ve owned since February 2013.  I’ll have more on all my inner turmoil (read: ugh, drama) in a post later (read: when I get around to it). 


I got a new computer!  Yay!  It has Windows 8.  Boo.   Learning curve sucks.  Since when are “programs” called “apps” and why do I have to SEARCH for the control panel everytime I want it? 


LeBron is coming home.  Grumble.  Read his letter in SI.  YAY!  The boy is from Cleveland!  Eh, I’m not a fan of the NBA but being born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland you can’t help but have an opinion. 


By the way, have you read The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson yet?  I read it this past week and LOVED IT!  I can’t recommend it enough…


Wicked Wildfire Read-a-thon starts tomorrow!!  If you’re reading this week, why not participate?  I’m just sayin’…


Big things ARE coming to my blog.   Growing pains just won’t let my blog sit and stay the same 🙂  In the meantime, enjoy the pretties that I got just this week.


Burn for Me Loop Perfect Couple








Shatter Stormfront








july 12 book haul

Lark Rising (Guardians of Tarnec #1) by Sandra Waugh

Unmarked (The Legion #2) by Kami Garcia

Ghost House (The Ghost House Saga #1) by Alexandra Adornetto

Stone Cove Island by Suzanne Myers

The Jewel (The Lone City #1) by Amy Ewing

Thank you, Baker & Taylor for always taking care of us at St. Clair County Library System!  You guys rock!!!  I seriously danced and pulled a “Gollum” when I saw Lark Rising in the box of ARCs.  There are more books but I can’t have all the fun…


ShatteredDark Citadel














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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

23 responses to “Sunday Post #37: The Big “Think”

  1. Welcome back! Taking 2 weeks off sounds nice. I try to schedule some downtime for myself, but sometimes I forget. YAY for a new computer. Boo for the learning curve though. I also got Shatter this week. Hey…so is that that sequel to Undertow? Did you read Undertow? I have it for review but have been putting it off because I don’t know much about it. Just curious if you enjoyed it. Have a great week!

    SP & STS
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know
    Sandy recently posted…Sunday Post – 105 & Stacking the Shelves – 71

    • K

      I really liked Undertow!! It surprised me as a smart, new YA. It’s completely different than anything else out there that I had read. I liked that it was completely YA appropriate but had elements of grownup romance that I LOVE. Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose but maybe some hours of time and a few brain cells 😉

  2. Welcome back! Sometime I think it’s good to go on a bit of a break and come back with a fresh restart. Looking forward to your new things..

    I am going to say this and then run and hide. I DNF the Kiss of Deception, I don’t know why and I know everyone is loving it, I might try again at some point but it just wasn’t clicking with me like I had hopped.

    Ugh Windows 8 I couldnt do the PC when I got my Laptop but I just had to go with my dad and get him a new laptop and we made sure it had Windows 7, WIndows made a mistake with the operating system they really need to get rid of it,.

    Have a great week Kristin and Enjoy all your new reads!!!
    Michelle Parson recently posted…Week in READ-view & The Sunday Post

    • K

      Now that you’ve DNF’d it (EVERYONE ELSE LOOK AWAY!!) there’s a twist at 60% that had me drop my jaw to the floor and going back and re-reading chapters. Yeah, it’s predictable, I guess. But this twist is a literary device that I’d never seen done before and it righted every wrong direction that the story was going for me.

      Duuuude, never run and hide!!! One thing I hate about writing reviews is that one book I may love everyone else may end up hating!!! So I always try and tell as much about my personality and quirks so people can figure out if my review/reading style fits them or not.

      Hence my blog’s growing pains… who reads YA and then turns around and reads erotica the same day? I’m a nutcase!!!

      I’ve decided to re-install windows to decrapify my computer and go from there! YES!! Laptops ARE NOT Tablets!!! UGH!

  3. A 2 week break is a great idea! YAY for a new computer, and BOO for the learning curve. I’ve heard horrible things about Windows 8; I hope it works for you.

    I can’ wait to see what changes you make and what happens next. In the meantime, enjoy all your new books.
    Bea recently posted…Sunday Book Share #97

    • K

      That’s whats cool about this course – it’s for girls who have no ability to design, no clue about html or anything code related!! It’s all about girl power, YO! You’ll see I have no ability either…

  4. Sometimes we need a break, but welcome back!
    I KNOW!!! I got my computer and it took forever to figure it all out. Actually I’ve had it months and there are little things I’m still discovering. My computer has a hidden box off to the right side, so if I swipe my finger from the outside in it opens it and the control panel is listed there. That’s how I turn the computer off and stuff too. Clearly I have a touch screen so yours might be different.
    Candace recently posted…The Sunday Post & My Week In Instagram

    • K

      THANKS!!! YES! It’s a freaking touch screen, too!!! That’s driving me crazy, too!!!!!! I’m all lost with the swipes left, right, from the corners! I’ll look for the CP as soon as I get off my old tried and true computer 😉

    • K

      I’ve lost Word! I have to wait for discs from my brother to arrive (shhhhh!). And I can’t even find Chrome when I turn on the computer. I found out how to decrapify it so I’ll be doing that tonight after I write some reviews 😉 Call me out on quality, b/c that’s the buzzword for me!!!

  5. I have Windows 8 but don’t even use the apps. Just stick to the desktop feature and it feels a lot for like the old OS. Seriously, I have all my program icon and stuff I want and everything. It’s super easy. And no way do I use the stupid apps for my browser/internet.
    Christy recently posted…Sunday Post #87 (7/13/14)

    • K

      At this point, I can’t find the desktop when I turn on the computer. I’m still trying to find out how to turn off the password…. I’m such an idiot. I need icecream!!!!

  6. LOVE your blog design! It’s gorgeous 🙂 And I have Shatter as well. Looks to be interesting. And don’t worry about not posting for two weeks. I hadn’t posted for 8 months before June. Sometimes life just takes us away.

    My Sunday Post

    The Kooky Bookworm

    • K

      Life is always in my way! Tee hee… I just want to do too much! As evidenced by my haul… thank goodness it’s mostly digital! The hubs would freak if he saw all my books!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!!!!

    • K

      It was nice to not even look at the computer!!! Summer is just not conducive to computer work, right?!?!?