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wanted wild thingWanted: Wild Thing (Midnight Liaisons #4)
By Jessica Sims
Expected Publication August 26th, 2014
Pocket Books
384 pages
Paranormal Romance
Source: Received from Pocket Books in exchange for an unbiased review (Thank You!)



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About the book:

If beauty is only skin deep, she’s screwed. Cute and bubbly changeling Ryder Sinclair has seen it all, working the night shift at the Midnight Liaisons paranormal dating service. But she has just one month to go before she becomes permanently supernatural…unless she finds her own Prince Charming. She’d even settle for Mr. Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am—some generous soul who will relieve her of her virginity (and therefore her curse) before her fated twenty-fifth birthday. But it’s been impossible to find a man who can handle a real-life dragon lady.


That’s when she meets Hugh.  Tall, rock-hard, and not exactly human, he’s perfect for the job. Except he’s been appointed the guardian of Ryder’s chastity, so the last thing he should do is touch her.


But then their forbidden attraction becomes a force neither can deny. Having sex will save Ryder’s humanity, but can she convince Hugh to forsake his vow? Or will she soon be trading in her favorite pink dress for a permanent set of scales?


I couldn’t say no to trying out a new author (to me) and getting into a new series.  I am so glad I did!  Where as I didn’t fall head over heels in love with this story, I’m absolutely ga-ga over the world Ms Sims created and I’m really looking forward to going backward and starting at the beginning of the series.  Wow… was that a directionally challenged sentence or what?!?!  Here, let me help straighten it out…

I started this series with the latest book coming out tomorrow, August 26th, 2014 because I wanted to help promote the author and get some reviews up for the book.  I knew going in that I would miss some nuances and “feels” from past stories and characters.  Sometimes it’s a big deal, sometimes it really isn’t.  In this case, I really don’t think I missed much on Ryder’s character.

Ryder is a bubbly, flirty 24 year old who works at a dating service for supernaturals… you know, those special beings that may need some extra help in getting matched up with the right species.  She’s always held (or told everyone) that she’s a human.  She’s actually a changeling, but I don’t think she fully understands what a changeling is.  I think Ryder thinks that changeling means that you just “change” into something.  Errrr, folklore says that the fae used to steal human babies and put in their place something else glamoured to look and act human.  Poor Ryder found out the hard way that if she touches a boy she’s interested in, her body loses it’s control over it’s glamour and she reverts back to her immature, but true, dragon-ish nature.  Talk about awkward first kisses.  

Anyone that is missing the touching, cuddling, and KISSES from the opposite sex is going to have some issues!  Ryder has handled it the only way she knows how: by trying to be upbeat on the outside and secretly sad and lonely on the inside.  I really enjoyed this quirky, strong character that could be at the same time starved for affection.  Funny enough, it made me kind of appreciate my hubs a ton (who knew a PNR could do that?).

For me personally, the story was wee-bit slow the first part of the book.  I think it was the storyline that I just wasn’t jiving with.  There was a lot of running around, fixing this, covering that, dealing with this that went on that there wasn’t much room for heat between Ryder and Hugh, the warrior sent to guard her and her virginity. 

Guarding her virginity!  Sounds silly, right? Actually, out of context, it sounds absurd but I found the lesson behind the story to be deep and meaningful.  What?!  Yeah, really.  I’ve always been leery of the fae in everything I read and this world is no exception.  Those shifty, annoying fae!  No regard for life…

This is one of those paranormal romances that is just a fun ride!  It has a sweet love story but beyond that, the entire Midnight Liaisons series has a background of characters that is in a close-knit community of supernaturals and many of the couples continue to live on through multiple books.  Ryder and Hugh’s story had such a satisfying and giggling ending for me, it put me in such a great mood for the rest of the day. 

So, yes, I’m breaking the golden rule and going back to the beginning and reading the series.  I will have read them out of order but eh…  I so enjoyed Ms. Sims writing style (she writes hot very HOT), this world is so fun, and I really need to know more about all these couples I just got teases of!



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Jessica simsAbout the author:

Jessica Sims lives in Texas. She has some cats, but what writer doesn’t? She plays video games and confesses to reading comic books. And she likes writing, but that one was pretty obvious.


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