Sunday Post #48 – This is the Part Where I Save the Day

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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.


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I think I’m in a reading rut right now.  I’ve been reading Winterspell by Claire Legrand for about a week and a half now and it just isn’t holding any interest for me.  But I look at my friends’ reviews on Goodreads and all the people I have similar tastes to in regards to YA paranormals loved this book.  So what is my problem?!?!  I decided to start Burying Water by K.A. Tucker to see if that would “move” me.  Nope, only a tiny shiver.  So then I started Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones and that one had me dancing right through to 16% in one sitting.  Now we’re getting somewhere.  I just don’t know what to do about Winterspell!!!  I’m at 69% right now.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking of taking detailed notes and setting aside the book for now. 




Frostfire Her Perfect Game










Popstars, FriendsDenton Little's death date













Soooo, we received a box of ARCs from Baker & Taylor this week at work 🙂  Actually, the bottom three books are the ones I snagged this week.  The top one is an older one I finally decided on reading.  And I already have the digital of A Thousand Pieces of You but I kind of wanted the physical to read and no one wanted it so I let the greedy hag out to play.  There were quite a few really great books in the box and I found some books I hadn’t heard of yet.  I’m especially looking forward to reading Winter Falls

The Wonder of All Things by Jason Mott

A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Gray

Winter Falls (Twin Willows Trilogy #1) by Nicole Maggi

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir





If you ignore some of the other crap on my kitchen table/second school desk, you’ll see I’ve displayed my recent purchase of Beth Revis’ The Body Electric w/ accompanying swag plus the bookstore’s t-shirt that I couldn’t resist purchasing. 


Your Soul to Take

This is a little indie series favorite of mine.  It’s a YA paranormal with a ton of action and the writing is pretty good.  I’ve been waiting a year or two for this sequel so I was happy to stumble on it!









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20 responses to “Sunday Post #48 – This is the Part Where I Save the Day

    • K

      Phew…. Winterspell has too many unanswered questions that are just not even being alluded to be answered… ever! I’m just not caring! THANK YOU!!! Burying Water it is!! 🙂

    • K

      Would you believe it’s been optioned for a movie already??! These movie peeps are nutso!! I’m definitely dropping Winterspell and moving on to the others I haven’t finished yet. Too many freaking books!!! I’ve got some time before An Ember since it’s next year…

      Hey, aren’t you down near N.C.?? It’s from a bookstore in Asheville, NC called Malaprops. Here’s the link for the shirt: If you’re feeling thrifty, you could always just make it 😉

  1. If you are really having a hard time I would put it aside and maybe just DNF. I hate DNFing books but with all the books out that I want to read it’s just not worth the time to waste on a book that’s not connecting with me.

    Frostfire looks really good and I added it to my TBR lists. Pretty covers get me everytime and the synopsis looks great!

    Have a great week Kristin!!!
    Michelle recently posted…I lost my mind this week – WIR & TSP

  2. I ended up giving up on Winterspell. I thought it was just me but that book was just putting me in a funk. You got so many books (and other than the fact that I’m totally jealous) I recommend just reading one if your other books instead and giving up on Winterspell!
    Lily recently posted…All Lined Up (Rusk University#1): Review

    • K

      I’m so glad I asked about Winterspell!! I was seeing too many good reviews from my “friends”. Perhaps it’s time I add more GR friends, huh??

    • K

      I KNOW!!! I wish we had an indie bookstore over here near me but alas, I’m stuck buying online and dreaming of days spent in stores like that…

  3. I’d set Winterspell aside for now, after taking notes. Sometimes it’s just not something that fits your mood at the moment or you need a break from the genre.
    I’m surprised that some books I get for review are already being optioned for movies before I even get a chance to read them. I have a feeling I’ll see the movies before I read the books!LOL
    laura thomas recently posted…What’s New On My Bookshelf #82 and The Sunday Post

    • K

      It’s a total cart before the horse thing but someone in Hollywood must know what they are doing, no? Eh, maybe not 🙂

  4. I think you’ve gotten far enough with Winterspell to rate it a DNF. Sometimes the stories just don’t grab you and you end up hating everything. So maybe just put it aside for now. I won a copy of An Ember in the Ashes so hopefully we will both like it. Have a great week!!
    Kathy recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up 24

  5. Winterspell? It’s a rough start for me. Hmm.. I’ve set it aside for The Blood Of Olympus. LOL! But I’ll give it a chance perhaps.

    Jealous. You have A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) already. Im dying to have it.
    Nyze recently posted…My Week in a Wrapped #3

  6. OMG I love that shirt – you’re giving it away right? LOL! I haven’t picked up winterspell yet, and I WAS sad that I didn’t get it as an ARC but you’re not the first person I’ve heard is having a hard time with it. So it’s not just you. I’m glad you found a book that did work for you though!
    Berls recently posted…The Next Breath | Book Review