#FitReaders Weekly Update: Now I Remember Why I’m Not a Runner

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#FitReaders 2015

I’ve been inspired!  Felicia from The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog and Jen from That’s What I’m Talking About host #FitReaders and encourage us all to get up out of our reading nooks 30 minutes a day to walk, run, swim, crawl, whatever!!  For all the details, go HERE or click the button above.



I’m on my last week of my Couch to 5K program and it’s been 30 minute runs three times a week.  I’ve either had a setback or I’ve hit a plateau, doesn’t matter what you call it but I’ve had trouble finishing my last two runs.

I suffer from chronic migraines and I’m in the middle of one.

Turns out when you try and run with one (medicated, of course), you get overheated, dizzy, and have no energy.  It also makes the migraine worse by the time you go to sleep.  And I get migraines frequently (I know my triggers and some can’t be avoided) so my training program gets interrupted.  I feel great about running but I’d like to be rid of the migraine.  I’ll just have to hope for the best during the 5K.  Stupid body of mine…



Here are my steps last week!

Friday:   12,049 – I actually didn’t run this day, I just mowed the lawn!!!!!

Saturday:   5,426

Sunday:   10,040

Monday:   4,965

Tuesday:   10,740

Wednesday:  5,872

Thursday:  9,566


Finally, here’s a picture from my run earlier this week.  I LOVE storm clouds in the Midwest.




Until next week…









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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

7 responses to “#FitReaders Weekly Update: Now I Remember Why I’m Not a Runner

    • K

      The heat is ridiculous! I don’t know how you do it! I stay inside when it’s like that. I’m hoping for some more rain here, myself. I’m also thinking a diet overall is needed, too. Bye, bye sugar… waaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

  1. Wow, I wouldn’t even try to run if I had a migraine, you’re brave ! But you did very well this week, congrats. Don’t say your body is stupid, feel the love, nurture it, cajole it, massage it, and he’ll love you back – and saying that, I feel like some New Age hippie, but I believe it, lol ! Peace and love, sister 😉
    Red Iza recently posted…Hottie of the week

    • K

      Namaste, sista!! I actually was thinking about a massage for my migraine today!! And don’t laugh but acupuncture b/c believe it or not, our crappy insurance over here covers it!!! I just need to find someone reputable…

      And I love my body… it’s just mad at me right now 😉