Sunday Post #55: No Avoiding the Dreaded Cold (Aaaachoooo!)

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The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.




Bad news: I’m sick.  I ended up coming down with the cold my son and husband had last week.  It’s all in my head (literally) right now so I’m pretty achy and miserable right now.

Good news: If you’re FB friends with me, you might have seen that our town was trying to win a contest for money for a dog park.  We didn’t win the grand prize but we DID win $25,000!!!  We’re getting our dog park!  YAY!!  We have the sweetest piece of land for this with trees and a pond – I am beyond excited!

Good news: Following Kimba’s lead, I updated my computer to Windows 10.  It took a while (my computer is slow) but it worked… so far.  I like that it’s back to the old start menu for all our programs.

??? news: Out of 35 blogs that I had bookmarked at some point, only 18 blogs are still alive and posting.  That’s only 51% still kickin’.  Blogs that were on my bookmarked list?

  • Books Over Boys – hasn’t posted since April
  • Endlessly Bookish
  • Alluring Reads
  • In the Best Worlds
  • Basia’s Bookshelf
  • The Bookish Brunette
  • Never Too Fond of Books
  • The Bookish Babe
  • Bookgoonie

There’s more, of course.  But what’s kind of weird are some of the pages that come up when I go to Bookish Brunette’s page or Basia’s Bookshelf.  It’s as if someone else has taken over the content or the domain.  It’s just kind of creepy to me.


Bright, Shiny New Books

Heart of Betrayal













Ghost Shadow
purchased – Thanks, Kim!
Leaving Amarillo
purchase – couldn’t wait for publisher’s copy to come in mail














8 Weeks
purchased – FREE!













All We Left Behind
for review
The Aeronauts Windlass
for review













Romancing the Dark in the City of LIght
for review













Thank you to Simon Pulse, Penguin GroupUSA, and St. Martin’s Griffin!

Have a fantastic week (sniffle, sniffle).  I’m just going to crawl back under my blanket with my iPad…   pssst… I freakin’ got Butcher!!!








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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

30 responses to “Sunday Post #55: No Avoiding the Dreaded Cold (Aaaachoooo!)

    • K

      I remember when “Basia” left but I should tell her she needs to completely take down her site – unless she’s sold it???? Ashley surprised the crap out of me!! Momo, too!! I’m almost afraid to actually go thru my RSS feed!!!

    • K

      I read the book before Heart of Betrayal and it was FABULOUS!!! I may have been the one who had Heart ordered into the library 😉 It better be good!!

  1. Heart of Betrayal looks great, I’m seriously thinking of trying that series. Seen so many good reviews latewly. And I know what you mean about blogs- I’ve noticed a few have gone away too. Sad.

    Congrats on the dog park!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #102

    • K

      I’m guilty of disappearing for a spell but I seriously didn’t like seeing generic content on my old favorite blogs. Really, really weird!!

  2. I remember reading a stat once about how many ‘new’ blogs are still around a year later and it was surprisingly low!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell and I hope you’re on the mend now.
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-in

    • K

      I guess I never believe it when I see those stats! Some of these blogs were around for years and were MEGA involved with huge events and ran their own blog tours. I guess life does go on 🙂

    • K

      Ahhhhh, I can’t believe there are crazy people grabbing random domain names but makes sense now.

  3. Oh yum! A new Jim Butcher series? How was I not aware of this? I love, love, love his books! I hope you’ll enjoy The Aeronaut’s Windlass!
    Hopefully, your head cold will pass quickly, and the aches will disappear quickly.
    It’s always sad when blogs kind of disappear… especially if they don’t leave a little note to tell their followers that they’re leaving the blogosphere. And I wonder about those that seem like someone else have taken over the domain… a hack, maybe?
    Have a fantastic week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie recently posted…The Sunday Post #43 – More Papers, and More Summer

    • K

      Elizabeth above you said that perhaps the owner stopped paying their domain fees and someone picked it up. I mean, how do you stop THAT from happening if you’re not blogging and you don’t want to pay $20 a year just to keep someone off your domain?

      Steampunk Butcher, Baby!!!! I can’t believe he put an ARC out!!!!!!! NetGalley, dude!!!

  4. I really need to go through my blog list. I am pretty sure I have a few that aren’t around anymore.
    Sorry you couldn’t escape the cold. Summer colds are the worst. Feel better *hugs from a safe distance*
    Yay for the Dog Park, we never took our dog to a park, he’s a fluffy little thing but really only likes us and is scared to death of everything else. I would have to go to the park when no one else is there 🙂

  5. K

    My dog is completely un-social because we lived in rural Maine when we got him and we had no way to socialize with other dogs. So he’ll be interested but when they come up, he’ll run to be afraid. BUT this dog park will be cool b/c there will fenced areas for big dogs, small dogs, and a general area. 🙂

    Hope you had a good vacation!!!

  6. Blogging is time consuming and, since we don’t GENERALLY get paid it has a high attrition rate. I have been at it five years and the way it feels like a job is starting to get to me. It kind of took over my life and I am trying to reclaim other parts of myself. I am continuing, but it is going to have to be less of a job and more at my own whim if I am going to keep it up.
    Steph from recently posted…Just the Usual & a little giveaway: THE SUNDAY POST

    • K

      OMG!! Five years!!!! YOU. ARE. A. GOD!!! No offense!! But seriously, you need to take a break, girl! After my 5 or 6 month break I am so stinkin’ happy and full of ideas it is so silly. I feel completely out of it, like an old woman looking at all these new blogs and thinking, “I remember when” but jeez, you must be like, “I remember when we didn’t even have Goodreads!” Hahahahaha!!

      Yep – I’m prescribing 6 months off for you! IMHO…

  7. I feel you for being sick. It is really sad the number of bloggers we lose each year..and of course I had to go look at the blogs with different content now….creepy indeed. I just requested the Jim Butcher book yesterday ( i am so bad at looking on NetGalley) So excited about your dog park. Now go rest and relax!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Sunday Post #172- Sticky and Humid…Hello August

    • K

      I never look at NetGalley, either. I just got my % up to 70%!! I got an email from NetGalley promoting the ARC and I RAN to grab it. I get a ton of emails both normal and “librarian” emails (I’ll never give up my ALA membership now that I have it – I’m simply unemployed). I really need to turn those emails off 😉

  8. Boo for being sick! I am too and it’s no fun. We should stay in bed and read, right? 😀

    I missed you when you were gone; I’m glad you’re back. 🙂 YAY for your dog park. That’s exciting and wow, what a prize.

    NetGalley emails are soooo dangerous, lol.

    • K

      I LOVE YOU, MAN!!! Looking back, I should have put something up on my blog saying my blog was broke. I plan on explaining everything in a few posts soon 🙂

      *shakes fist at NetGalley*

    • K

      OH, I forgot to mention, your blog was one of the 35 still active! YAY!!! And now you have associate bloggers… you are big time!!! 😀

    • K

      I totally missed Leaving Amarillo and Loving Dallas when they came out but I looked at Goodreads and my GR friends all loved it!! There’s a promotion next weekend for the third book, that’s how I heard about them. Pretty much if Christy likes something, I’ll buy it 😉

      Thanks for visiting me!!!

    • K

      I actually ran this evening so I’m feeling better. I’m all kinds of loopy right now but feeling better 🙂 Thanks!!

    • K

      I am feeling much better now! I ran this evening and now I’m sitting and enjoying the summer thunderstorm banging away outside. Love it!! My dog isn’t happy but what dog likes thunder…

    • K

      Actually, Kimba recommended Ghost Shadow to me b/c I’ve never read Heather Graham. I asked her to tell me what her favorite book(s) from the “Krewe” series she would want me to read and she said the Bone Island trilogy. She is ALWAYS reading a review Graham 😀

      Welcome to the blogoverse!!! Kimba is a great source of knowledge b/c she knows everything about blogging! Just comment and follow her closely and you can’t go wrong. I have a hard time visiting blogs and I’m just back from hiatus so I’m still playing catch up. Kimba is kind of MY mentor anyways….