Sunday Post #61: A Little Thing Called Mario Maker

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The Sunday Post



The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.


My Life

My son’s pixel art

My son is obsessed.  He is obsessed with Nintendo and everything in it’s world, past and present.  He loves the old Mario games, he loves Kirby, he’s even playing the second Zelda game right now.  So he is out of his mind crazy about the release of Super Mario Maker this past Friday.  I have to agree with him, it is one of the best games EVER.  If your kid loves scrolling games and has an imagination, they will love this game!

more pixel art by my son


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Completely Not Book Related

I watch a ton of sports.   I don’t know if any of you guys do but in my opinion, sports and cartoons are the only safe things on TV these days in my household.  Even the sports channels are sometimes dangerous territory with their commercials but I digress…

I’ve been watching the U.S. Open tennis tournament and OMG!  What a phenomenal match between Roberta Vinci and Serena Williams.  In case you didn’t know, Serena has been under a lot of pressure because she’s going for a grand slam of tennis.  And Roberta spoiled it before Serena got to the finals.  I mean, Oprah was there to witness!

But my point to all this is, if you watch enough sports, you realize quickly that there is nothing more awkward than someone being interviewed after they competed (okay, more awkward is if they lost).  But Roberta Vinci gave a humble, PERFECT on court interview that had me falling in love with her.  If you’re bored, check it out; it really is so sweet.  And keep this in mind, Serena has been unbeatable for so long, tennis has gotten almost boring…


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Around the Blogosphere

During the month of October, Anna @ herding cats & burning soup and Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer are offering the most perfect challenge to get you ahead for the holidays!  They are challenging you get ahead on your blog posts so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and read during the upcoming holidays.  Okay, you may have to do some holiday shopping.  But hey, your blog will be taken care of!  Check it out HERE or click on the button above.


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Bright, Shiny New Books

Y’all need to stop reading and reviewing good books 😉


for review
for review
for review












for review
for review
for review










Into the Dim and The Forbidden Wish are two books that I forgot to add to previous “hauls” but I didn’t want to forget to thank the fantastic publishers for sharing the early goodies so graciously soooo…

Thank you to Sourcebooks, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Penguin, HMH Books, and Disney Book Group for the awesome reads this week!


MIssing Dixie
for review

Thank you to Wm Morrow Books/HarperCollins for loving on my mailbox this week!  She was so very happy…





Enjoy your week 🙂










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19 responses to “Sunday Post #61: A Little Thing Called Mario Maker

  1. You got Surviving Ice!! I have the eARC but requested the physical ARC of it and Cam Girl and they are shipping it soon!! (They already shipped it to my friend so she can send it to me).
    Your son is so creative! I definitely cannot do that. Kudos to him!
    Sports!! So I used to watch a lot of NBA (don’t even ask me the players’ names because I only know a few). There was a time I would watch NFL but the games would end incredibly late and my mom wanted me to go to sleep early for school. Now, I don’t have cable so I can’t watch them😩😩
    I feel like a bad follower since I don’t come visit you! I need to make a list if blogs I need to check daily since there are a few I do remember to check. Just in case, I really love your blog! It’s perfect! I love the layout and your reviews are amazing. Okay, done gushing here haha
    Genesis recently posted…Latte Nights Obsessions #15 + Weekly Recap

    • K

      Don’t say you’re a bad follower!!! I’m really bad about getting around, too! I wrestle with the guilt, too, it’s hard not to. But don’t worry about visiting me! I’m not a comment counter 😉

      And thank you for the compliments on the blog – its my UBB plug in that formats the reviews, NOT me 😉 I did add some CSS but very little! OH! And we get all our pixel art designs from Pinterest 😉

      Have a great week, girlie!!

    • K

      WHAT!?! HMH must’ve fallen asleep for a week b/c mine came quick and I’m nobody. Only real diff is my library affiliation (the hell I’ll ever give that up!). Sorry!

      I WILL sign up for Blog Ahead – I actually have ideas for posts, too! I’ve just been sick and lazy these last few days 🙁

  2. I honestly think our sons would get along so well. My son is LOVING Mario Maker, I surprised him on Friday with it when he came home from school and he’s been making levels every since. He also started sharing them on the stream so others can play it and he was excited that 2 people played his level. It reminds me of the old Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo, I use to love that game so seeing little Easter eggs from that game is awesome and the music they have in it. I am a Nintendo lover like my kids which is probably why they love it so much. I hope your son is enjoying Zelda 2. The 3rd one was my favorite besides the obvious 1st one. My son told me the WiiU has it so I will be getting that for myself soon 🙂

    Enjoy all those gorgeously covered books! Have a great week, Kristin! ox
    Michelle recently posted…Hiatus over and blogging mode has begun ~ WIR & TSP

    • K

      I always think of you when I talk about MY son. Your boy is probably getting little messages at the bottom saying “such and such played this and this level”. I think the game is the greatest thing since sliced bread! OH, and I was corrected by Jake, he’s playing Legend of Zelda – He hits the DLC on both his WiiU and 3DS for all the old school games. I think he’ll explode if they ever put Mario Sunshine on there!!! I’ll have to write down one of Jake’s course codes for you!!

  3. I think Mario Maker might be something I would enjoy myself. I remember spending hours trying to get up those levels when Donkey Kong first came out. It’s the first scrolling game I remember. Making your own game would be very cool.
    I signed up for Blog Ahead also. It really got me ready for summer, and having the cheerleading of a group helps me stay motivated.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Weekly ReCap 9/12

    • K

      YOU would love it!!! I made two courses and it’s very relaxing, therapeutic, and I think it rivals Minecraft but in a totally different way. They are totally different but both incredibly creative. I was busy in college when Gameboy came out and I only played Sonic at a fraternity house and I was horrible at it. I missed the whole gaming birth 🙁

      I’m looking forward to Blog Ahead but I’m also nervous! That’s a lot of posts!!

  4. Oh lord, my son used to be OBSESSED too. I used to order Mario stuff from Japan for him. Actually, those years made it very easy to shop for him. We still have some things packed away. Dude! He has unopened Mario candy in the fridge from 10 years ago. It isn’t allowed to be thrown out. Even now. Your boy did a great job on those. As much as my son loved Mario, he wouldn’t have sat down and did that. Artistic and patient, he is not. lol.

    Oh yeah, that was a shocker and pretty emotional. Roberta was so dang cute in the interview.

    Booyah! Surviving Ice!
    Christy recently posted…Sunday Post #142 (9/13/15) – Fire & Ash

    • K

      I knew you’d appreciate the sports video 🙂

      I LOVE that you can order stuff from Japan on Amazon! I got Jake a Meta Knight Amiibo and it wasn’t that expensive. I even got him a Toad Treasure Hunter plush. Mario is the bomb!!!

      I would have been bummed if I didn’t get ICE – but seriously, you need to stop getting books on NetGalley! 😀

  5. “Y’all need to stop reading and reviewing good books 😉” HAH! Maybe you should stop reading blogs. 😀

    I like the cover for The Weight of Feathers, interesting.

    The blog ahead challenge is a good one; Anna hosted it last time and was a really good cheerleader. I’m signed up and have already started plotting what posts I’ll do. 😀
    Bea recently posted…Sunday Book Share #158

    • K

      I’m a little afraid of Blog Ahead – so many posts!! But I have ideas and books that need reviews. EEP!!

  6. Nintendo is so awesome. I love that Sports Resort game (I want to go to that island). And I hear ya on TV in general and commercials in particular… yikes. Crazy these days…

    Into The Dim has an amazing cover, that one’s on my list, and Black Widow. Yes, please. Looking forward to that one big time!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #108

  7. I love sports. We watch pretty much everything in this house. I had watched the Serena/Venus match but missed that one. I am very excited for football today 🙂 Lots of good books!! The Weight of Feathers seems to be one everyone is loving so I can’t wait for it. I am still waiting to hear back about The Forbidden Wish. Enjoy all your new book and have a great week!
    Grace recently posted…Weekly Rewind ~ 9.13.15

  8. I’m glad to hear you’re liking Mario Maker. My son is OBSESSED with Mario and has been begging for the game but I’ve been a bit hesitant since new games are so expensive. It does look like a lot of fun so that might have to make the buy list. That KA Tucker has been calling me but so far I’ve resisted as I haven’t read the other books in the series. Who knows how long that will last! Have a great week!
    Katherine recently posted…This Week in Reading – September 13

  9. I’m really curious about the Black Widow book, so I hope you like it! Enjoy all of your fun reads. I need to sign up for the Blog Ahead Challenge; that is SUCH a good idea. I’m always trying to schedule as much as I can ahead of time, but it doesn’t always work.
    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Tales From the Back Row by Amy Odell