Christina Dodd’s Governess Brides Series Gets A New Look!

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Lady Charlotte Dalrumple, Miss Pamela Lockhart,


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When an author as prolific as Christina Dodd invites you to share in the cover reveals for the re-releases of her hugely popular Governess Brides series, you listen.  Or rather, I listened!  Granted, I’m not super huge on the historical romances but even I’ve heard of Christina Dodd.  All you have to do is look on the shelves in the library for the most beat-up paperbacks and more than likely, they will be Ms. Dodd’s.

So of course it was time to re-introduce this series with brand new covers.  This is all part of Avon’s “Encore” program where they will be picking the “gems and jewels” of their collection, giving them new cover art, and re-releasing them as Avon gets ready for their 75th Anniversary next year!  Christina Dodd’s new covers will released on the ebooks first and then on the print copies next year.

Christina Dodd herself is beyond excited:

“I have a confession. In a former life, I was a poor but proud Victorian governess. That’s the only obvious explanation for my obsession with governess stories.

I’ve read and re-read Jane Eyre and always fiercely wanted to be like Jane — proud, independent, clever and the winner of a noble (and rich) man’s heart.

I’ve seen “The Sound of Music” innumerable times and each time I’m swept up in the magnificent scenery, the thrilling music and the story of the poor but feisty governess who captures the noble (and rich) man’s heart.

For me, there’s something eternally enticing about the tale of a woman who endures personal hardship, tames unruly children, and at the same time finds, to her surprise, that she is irresistible to the master of the house. These women are seldom beautiful, not necessarily well-born, and actively resist love’s allure. Yet love in the shape of a tall, dark and autocratic gentleman finds them, captures them, and by the end of the story they are wed to that nobleman and enjoying all the advantages of wealth, privilege and the best sex in the world.

The Governess Brides series begins when Distinguished Academy of Governesses opens its doors to train young women for respectable occupations:

Unfortunately, in RULES OF SURRENDER, Miss Charlotte Dalrumple discovers her first position is to teach Lord Wynter Ruskin, sadly uncivilized by his travels abroad, to take his proper place in society. Hint: it doesn’t go well.

In RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, because of his unrepentantly disreputable ways, the Earl of Kerrich is in trouble with the queen. His solution: hire a governess and obtain an orphan to raise. That will make him appear respectable. Trouble: the kid is charming, he’s falling in love with the unattractive governess … but other than that, what could go wrong? … Oh, so much.

In RULES OF ATTRACTION, Miss Hannah Setterington travels far into the lonely English countryside to take a new position and hears rumors that the master killed his beautiful young wife. Could any situation be worse? Yes, it could, for she knows the rumors are not true … because she is his runaway wife.

With eleven full-length books and one novella, the Governess Brides is my longest-running and most-popular historical series (six of the titles are on the Goodreads List of Best Governess Romances.) So when Avon Books announced they would repackage the books to introduce them to a new audience, and showed me the concepts, those compelling heroes with their direct gazes drew me at once into the stories. I promptly sat down with the Rules books to reacquaint myself with the characters and stories and — guess what? I ended up reading them from beginning to end and living, laughing and falling in love along with my governess heroines. I’ve always said I write the books I want to read. I hope you read and enjoy the Governess Brides, too! “


So without further adieu….

On Sale 10/27/15

Christina Dodd’s Governess Brides Series Gets A New Look!

Rules of Surrender

Series: Governess Brides #1
by Christina Dodd
Published by HarperCollins, Avon on March 7th 2000
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 384
AmazonBarnes&Noble Goodreads

The Rules of Employment for The Distinguished Academy of Governesses: Always remember your station; after all, you are higher than the house servants but certainly not a member of the family. Be sure to maintain a disciplined schoolroom and to take your meals on a tray. And Bnever become too familiar with the master of the house...

Lady Charlotte Dalrumple is known as England's most proper governess, a woman who has never taken a misstep socially -- or romantically. So, on the surface, she seems perfectly suited to accept the challenge of reforming English-born Lord Wynter Ruskin, sadly uncivilized by his travels abroad.

But the ruggedly handsome man has no desire to be taught manners. He has glimpsed an uninhibited beauty hiding beneath her prim exterior, and he'd much rather spend his days -- and nights -- instructing her in the ways of love.

And when ardor erupts between them, Charlotte learns the pleasures of desire and Wynter the passions of the heart, but before they can love both must first master the rules of employment.

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On Sale 11/24/15

Christina Dodd’s Governess Brides Series Gets A New Look!

Rules of Engagement

Series: Governess Brides #2
by Christina Dodd
Published by HarperCollins, Avon on October 3rd 2000
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 384
AmazonBarnes&Noble Goodreads

The Rules of Engagement
Choose a bride from this year's debutantes. Decide on a proper settlement. Send an announcement to The Times. Inform the bride of her good fortune.

Rules of Respectability
Devon Mathewes, Earl of Kerrich, has a plan that is sure to restore him to the Queen's favor. First, he must hire a sensible, unattractive governess. Next, he will see to adopting a properly grateful orphan, which will surely lend him a patina of respectability. Finally, he must obtain a guarantee that his orphan and the governess will better his character and reputation without unduly disturbing his life--love life or otherwise.

Rules of Passion
As a condition of accepting the governess position, Miss Pamela Lockhart of the Distinguished Academy of Governesses has a few rules of her own. Devon at all times must behave with propriety, an unlikely accomplishment that would delight the ton and completely astonish Pamela herself. She must be allowed to choose a suitable orphan at her own discretion. Most important, Devon must vow to never ever delve into Pamela's background, or her appearance, lest he discover the truth behind the deepest secrets of her heart. But of course, all rules are made to be broken . . .

dot dot dot

Now, for some reason I can’t be trusted with too much manliness in one day so I was only given a teaser image for the new cover of Rules of Attraction.  I think you’ll agree with me that we can figure out what the rest of the image will look like 😉

On Sale 1/19/16

Christina Dodd’s Governess Brides Series Gets A New Look!

Rules of Attraction

Series: Governess Brides #3
by Christina Dodd
Published by HarperCollins, Avon on March 6th 2001
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 374
AmazonBarnes&Noble Goodreads


After nine years, Hannah Setterington has decided to sell the Distinguished Academy of Governesses and explore the secrets of her past. To that end she has agreed to be a companion to the elderly aunt of Lord Raeburn, a man enshrouded by dark mystery and haunted by the rumor that he murdered his wife. A strong-minded woman accustomed to the vagaries of nobility, Hannah believes the rumor to be so much piffle, until she comes face to face with Lord Raeburn.

Dougald Pippard, Lord Raeburn, is deviously satisfied when his plan to trap Hannah springs itself successfully. But his satisfaction is short-lived as the indomitable Hannah draws the battle lines and kisses him with the pent-up passion Dougald hasn't felt for nine long years. The fire that has always flared between them rages again with every touch, every glance, until Dougald is almost ready to forget his wounded memories and plans of revenge for just one more night with her.


About Christina Dodd

Christina Dodd

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd builds worlds filled with suspense, romance and adventure and creates the most distinctive characters in fiction today. Her fifty+ novels — suspense, paranormals, and historicals — have been translated into twenty-five languages, won Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Golden Heart and RITA Awards and been called the year’s best by Booklist. Dodd herself has been a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle — her mother was totally impressed. With more than twenty-five million of her books in print and eBook, her legions of fans always know that when they pick up a Christina Dodd book, they’ve found, “an absolute thrill ride of a book!”




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6 responses to “Christina Dodd’s Governess Brides Series Gets A New Look!

  1. I LOVE this series, so fun to read. I like the new covers, but I think I love the older ones more—they have a more classic look to them. But I totally understand why Dodd would want to re do the covers, it will definitely get more readers to try out this series.

    • K

      I totally agree – the old covers were good, CLASSIC even. But these will definitely entice new readers 😉 I’m a fan of the Rules of Engagement cover, myself!