Review: Beautiful Liar by Tara Bond

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Review: Beautiful Liar by Tara Bond

Beautiful Liar

by Tara Bond
Published by Atria, Simon & Schuster on October 6 2015
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 416
Format: eARC

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Nina Baxter knows all about responsibility. With her father dead and her mother drowning her sorrows, it's up to Nina to take care of her younger sister, April, and try to hold the family together. But when her options run out, she is forced to take a job working for the wealthy Noble family.

Alexander Noble is the rakish heir to an unimaginable fortune. Sexy, charming and entitled, he's never had to do a day's work in his life, and devotes himself to pleasure and partying. With a reputation for bedding a different woman every night, he doesn't appear to give a damn about anything.

From their very first meeting, Nina knows Alex is bad news, and vows to stay away from him. But as their paths continue to cross, she can't help being drawn to his raffish charisma - especially when he makes no secret of his interest in her. For the first time in her life, Nina is on the brink of following her heart. But can she believe Alex when he tells her to trust him? Or is he just another beautiful liar?


Well, my vocabulary has been expanded.  Of course I knew the “boot” was the trunk of the car.  “Petrol” is gasoline.  I’m still not sure what the “forecourt” is though.  Oh, how I love reading books written by British authors!

Set in London, Nina Baxter is a nineteen year-old high school dropout who has had to become the responsible one in the family after her father’s death.  Her mother has checked out of life and entered into bottles of booze, horrible boyfriends, and not taking care of her daughters.  When an accident forces Nina’s younger sister into foster care, her mother into rehab, and herself homeless, Nina needs to get a job that will pay well enough so she can get a new “flat” that looks like a safe home for her little sister to come home to.

Troubles continue to add up for Nina so she only sees more trouble when she meets Alexander Noble, the partying self-indulgent son of a hotel magnate.  Of course this opinion is only reinforced when Nina is warned to steer clear of Alex by his brother and his father.

I was delightfully surprised that the story engaged me right from the start!  I just opened up the book and whoosh,  I’m transported to an old gas station in London, England where Nina works and everything in her life continues to slide downhill from there. This is definitely a romance with a meaty plot that’ll keep you flipping pages like a fiend!  The story kept going, lulled a bit in the middle but then shoved a ton of twists at the end.

Not much romance and sex, though.  There’s some angst and nerves on the part of both the heroine and hero.  But the romance side of things are more implied that out there for all the readers to enjoy.

I’d like to see what the author does with her next heroine, though.  Sweet Deception is due out October 29th.

About Tara Bond

Tara Bond

I grew up in Surrey, England, and read History at Cambridge University before embarking on a series of sensible office jobs. I live in London with my husband, and love reading and writing, as well as watching movies and TV box sets. My guilty pleasures are cocktails and chocolate desserts. I discovered the New Adult genre in the summer of 2012, and have been addicted ever since. My first novel, Beautiful Liar, will be published in eBook on May 2015 and in paperback on 30 July 2015.



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      It was kind of funny in this book, they warned them off and then they were like, “oh, okay”. BUT there’s a twisty reason for it. The story was really good, just lacked enough romance for me.

      I smacked the big red rubber ball your way but it got caught up in the Rockies somewhere, sorry. We’ll have to try and play when you come to Chicago in May 2016 (insert evil laugh)….