Review: Black Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy

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Review: Black Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy

Black Rainbow

by J.J. McAvoy
Published by NYLA on May 15th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 288
Format: eBook
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After an erotic one-week fling with a musician she meets in a bar, Thea Cunning never expects to see Levi Black again. Then Monday morning comes around, and she discovers that her former lover is not only her professor, but he’s also one of the top criminal lawyers in the state of Massachusetts.

With everyone in class vying to be one of the twelve disciples—a group of twelve students that Professor Black takes under his wing—tensions run high. Thea considers dropping his class, given their passionate week together and their undeniable chemistry. After all, there are other (less infuriatingly sexy) law professors on campus.

But to accomplish her goal and get her father out of prison, Thea knows she needs to learn under the best of the best—and that’s Levi Black.
But can she learn under the best, without being under the best?

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I have no clue how I stumbled onto this book.  Somewhere, somehow, I saw this cover and HELLO!  Amazing cover art.  Simple and eye catching, it speaks volumes.  So I looked at the reviews on Goodreads and my romance reading friends all really liked this book.  We’re talking an average 4.06 rating out of 3,650 ratings.  Not bad…

So I bought the book and endured more torture from my husband for both the amount of books I’ve been buying lately (he gets the Amazon purchase emails) and the types of books I’ve been reading (“Black Rainbow?  WTH?”).  Anyone who has a husband who tortures them regularly about books and reading knows this is annoying in it’s various levels.  But it was so worth it for this story!

Having read the synopsis for Black Rainbow, I thought this book was going to end up being more guilty pleasure than actual plot and substance.  Oh how wrong I was.  Yes, I read this book quickly but only because I couldn’t put it down because I needed to see what the heck would happen next!

Thea has just had possibly one of the worst days of her life.  She left Boston years ago but now she’s back to attend law school.  But before she starts school, (not a spoiler!) her mother passes away so she stops off a bar to get a drink for some quick triage for the pain.  After a bit of fun bantering with the bartender, Thea gets an eyeful of the soulful guy singing solo with his guitar on stage.  Thea isn’t dumb, she knows the guy on stage can get girls because he’s a singer but she plays along with his flirting, the man is hot!  One thing leads to another and…  read the synopsis!

I’ve only rehashed the beginning to try and illustrate that Thea’s character is NOT dumb but was rather a fantastic female lead character!  She’s smart, quick witted, and knows what she wants from a guy and isn’t shy to ask (or take, for that matter).  But say the word “relationship” and all bets are off!

Enter Mr. Perfect, Levi Black.  If I could write the perfect hero/guy character, it would be him.  Dark hair, green eyes, nicely cut build, wears glasses on occasion and owns a ton of books and vinyl records.  I leave the rest for you to discover on your own.  But don’t worry, this perfect guy is not entirely perfect.  That would be a very boring story.

What I enjoyed most about this story was the smartness of plot.  No one did anything remotely dumb, except at the end and I’ll get to that in a minute.  Thea was mature, Levi was mature, crap, everybody did the smart mature thing when decisions needed to be made.  How sad is it that that fact surprised me as I read…

So the reason why I took a half point off the rating is because the story was going along swimmingly and then all of a sudden…. DRAMA!  I was like, “Did I miss a page?  What happened?”  It might not have been so bad if the drama hadn’t gotten a bit “cheesy” right at the end.  Like, “Tie it up with a bow, folks.  We’re done here.”  I was stunned!  I wanted the drama spread out a bit so I could see it stirred into the plot a bit.

Still… FANTASTIC freakin’ story!

About J.J. McAvoy

J.J. McAvoy

I’m a twenty-year-old something born in Montreal, Canada but currently living in Virginia for school. I would tell you want my major is however after two years I still have no idea what I’m doing.

So I’m a writer (duh that’s how you found me), movie enthusiast, and self-proclaimed chef. I love music even though I can’t sing or dance to save my life. (That doesn’t necessarily stop me but you’ve been warned.)

I started Ruthless People the summer of 2013 in hopes of giving myself a new type of love and crime drama. I never knew so many people thought like me! I feel truly blessed to have fans like you all! Writing is my true love and having you all enjoy my words is a dream come true.




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