Sunday Post #62: I’m Back and I’m All Kinds of Good

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The Sunday Post



The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.


Happy Sunday, Everyone!


I had to take a short break from blogging for about a week because my brain wasn’t feeling particularly witty.  I don’t know how else to put it.  Sometimes stress just gets to be too much and I’m rendered brain dead.

But all is spectacular now!  After starving myself for two days I had a fantastic medical test on Friday.  I’m still recuperating from the fast (holy headaches, Batman!), though.

Thanks to my totally cool neighbors, we got in our first Red Wings hockey game Friday night.  They keep giving us their tickets they can’t use.

Detroit Red Wings

I swear, though, it’s dangerous just trying to drive out of downtown Detroit late at night on a Friday night!  I thought California drivers were nuts but apparently it’s all relative.


dot dot dot



I am currently Blogging Ahead with a great group of bloggers with an eye toward having 31 additional posts scheduled by the time October wraps up.  I haven’t updated my post yet but I can tell you that I’ve written 3 additional posts so far.  I hope to work on my today 😉


dot dot dot


Bright, Shiny New Books

Rec’d for review












Thank you to Barclay Publicity!



borrowed from Amazon












Sanctum dropped in price so I nabbed it.  I was scrolling through MY Amazon account (there’s my account for reviews and my hub’s for buying books) and I happened upon this beautiful man.  Talk about a cover making me stop and look twice!  The synopsis is vague, it promises plenty of sadness, BUT the great reviews and them all pointing out it’s a standalone book makes this book safe territory for my “sensitive” mind.

dot dot dot


Did you get any books this week that you’re particularly excited about?








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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

38 responses to “Sunday Post #62: I’m Back and I’m All Kinds of Good

    • K

      Blue Jackets… *sigh*… oh the bars around there! I’m entirely waaay too jealous!!! Now that’s a party!!!

    • K

      I really am lucky to have some great neighbors. But you know subdivisions, some neighbors are better than others…. UGH!

    • K

      We almost got sideswiped on 94 Eastbound getting out of downtown. Some kids were trying to make a fourth lane!! And we were doing the 70mph speed limit!! GAH!!! You know, don’t you?!?!?

    • K

      The guy on the cover of the Air He Breathes could relieve all my stress if I had any left…. You saw me going there, didn’t ‘cha?!?!?

    • K

      OH you and that team from Phili… I should tease you about the Penguins, huh? I remember a couple of years ago something about your daughter and a jersey and a game…. it’s foggy but didn’t you go to a game in Denver or something? UGH, it’s really, really foggy!!!

  1. Glad you are doing better and that the fasting for your test is done. Ugh, I hate fasting! I really want to read Sanctum sometime soon; that’s good you got a cheap copy. 🙂 I need to start scheduling posts for Blog Ahead and just for October in general. haha

    YAY for hockey games. Hockey is the only sport I will go to a game for – they are fun.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Blog Ahead + Online Friendship Update

    • K

      My son laughs hysterically at the fights and when they crash into the boards. Something might be wrong with him….

  2. Sometimes a short break is all you need. I hope your blogging mood is back now! That’s so nice of your neighbours to give you their tickets to the hockey game.

    You’re making great progress with the Blog Ahead challenge! I only have one posts written that counts so far and two reviews that are for this month and thus don’t count. I hope you have a great week and keep up the good work with the blog ahead challenge!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #146

    • K

      For blog ahead, I’m in the same boat as you b/c I have some posts for this month and some for next. I thought I was doing bonkers fantastic but then I looked and half the posts were for Oct…. ugh 🙁 Hey, at least we’re trying, right?!

  3. Blogging breaks are nice, it’s a goal next year to take a few since this year was a mess with stress. I think it will help with blogging if I take a week here or there just to unwind.

    I am almost finished with my blogging posts for October so then I get all in for the blog ahead. I really need to get my Nov/Dec posts done.

    Have a great week, Kristin! Happy Reading and Welcome back! ox

    • K

      December are the posts that I NEED to be done with! And they’re the easy ones b/c you can do all those top 10 lists 😉 tee, hee…

      How’s our little Mario Maker!??! On to Skylanders yet or waiting for Yoshi? Mine is trying to get into Minecraft but he’s thinking I’ll learn it and teach him… hahahahahaha!!!!!


  4. Am glad your medical tests were okay and that you feel refreshed after a blogging break. I think it’s a good thing to have a rest from it every so often!
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check in

    • K

      Hey, isn’t there a Spring Break coming your way?!?!? Sounds like it’s break time for you soon!!! 😀

    • K

      Here here!!! A girl who knows both sides of the coast!!! Thank you for agreeing with me!!! At least in LA, there are 5 lanes plus a HOV, give or take!!! I feel like I’m playing Battleship driving down Detroit roads sometimes… “… you sunk my minivan!!!”

    • K

      I bet you get scheduled out to 2016!!! If you and one other reviewer get scheduled I bet you do!!!! 😀

    • K

      You will not quit you silly billy! I do it to get a bunch of books under my belt so I can schedule reviews out!! See? I’m being productive, still 🙂 Not too shabby…

  5. I would go to more Tigers and Wings games if it wasn’t for the traffic. It is frustrating. I can stay home and watch the Lions and Pistons. LOL Glad the medical tests came out good. Have a great week.
    Nise’ recently posted…Reading Wrap Up

    • K

      I KNOW! But free tickets… can’t say no to that!! Even if we’re dodging thugs on 94 doing 90 mph!!! Well, so much for the Tigers, tho (boooo, hisss!). Don’t even get me started on the Lions last night!!!