Sunday Post #74: Nothing to See Here, Move Along

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The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.



Gosh, I’ve got nothing exciting for you this week.  I didn’t have time to get around to all the blogs I wanted to last week.  But with my son’s school semester coming to an end this coming week and he’s already done with his lessons, I should have time get ahead.  And then I can visit and comment like a boss.


The most exciting thing this week was an awesome episode of “Adventure Time”.  Yeah, life is just waaaay out of control…



It looks like I grabbed a lot of books this week but actually what happened is that I received some previously released books that I had requested.  I also went through a couple of publisher’s catalogs and grabbed a few books that I had meant to grab previously but neglected to when I originally saw them.  Mayhem is an older book but it was available and it had good reviews so I couldn’t resist the “rocker” tale!



Grave Visions
for review
Vision in Silver
for review
Dead Heat
for review











The Unexpected Everything
for review
The Consequence of Seduction
for review
for review










The Way Back to You
for review
The Leaving Season
for review
Beyond the Red
for review











purchase – $1.99 when I last looked
The Score














Have a wonderful week – stay warm 😉







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27 responses to “Sunday Post #74: Nothing to See Here, Move Along

  1. Bahaha! Adventure time! 😀
    Everytime I see the Morgan Matson book, I get real excited because I’m so excited for the book! I’m waiting a bit closer to the release day to pick it up, but I can’t wait to read it!! 🙂
    I’m also starting Written in Red next week or so and I’m excited to read that one as well. I’ve heard such great things! 😀
    Have a great week, Kristin!
    Nick recently posted…The Weekly Recap (174)

    • I’ve been reading Briggs’ Alpha Omega series for a while so I’m such a bad reader/fan for just now reading it *shame face* I’m just so freakin’ lucky to get a second chance to review it!!!

  2. Oh lots of great books!!! I am super excited for the Morgan Matson book, and The Leaving Season. I have some older requests out there on EW and some started to get approved over the last two weeks. I am happy to get them I wish they would just be quicker about it! I had already figured I wasn’t getting certain titles #bookbloggerproblems Anyways enjoy and have a great week!
    Grace recently posted…Weekly Rewind ~ 1.17.16

    • Plz don’t be bummed when you look at the books I grab, I’m whitelisted through my association with the library side of business. It’s a completely different beast than the blogger side and believe it or not, I have a hard time getting approved for some books through NetGalley because I’m on the librarian side. I get depressed b/c I don’t get physical ARCs, even though I wouldn’t even know where to put them. I’m a total psycho…

    • I actually had to GO BACK and grab The Unexpected Everything b/c I forgot to download it the first time I was looking at it!!! And I’ve had it on my TBR forever! Seeing it on Nick’s blog reminded me and I ran so fast because I was afraid it was going to disappear like My Lady Jane did for me 🙁 I can’t wait to read a book of Matson’s b/c she’s new to me but I KNOW everybody loves her writing!!! And the story sounds so “fun”!!

  3. It looks like you’ve got some great looking new books. I especially love the sound of ‘Beyond The Red’ and I also really love that cover.
    I’ve also heard some great things about Anne Bishop, but I’ve never read a book by her before.
    Have a great week 😉
    Maureen’s Books ( recently posted…The Sunday Post #3

    • Kim and everyone else swear by Anne Bishop and it’s the fae so I know it will be a great UF series. And it’s only 4 books in so it’s not too late to start – just about the right place, IMHO 😉

    • OMG – it’s all the smut on my blog! Don’t worry about visiting me BUT I do need to visit you more!! I need to be better to my “old” blog friends (gee, I remember when you just got married!)

      BTW – how are you going to go BEA this year???? It’s waaaaay out of your “ballpark” now 🙁

    • There are so many UF series I need to start but The Others is one I regret not starting yet. So I’m getting what I can cheap and filling in everywhere else (cheap blogger here). And how bad am I that I’m just now getting to Dead Heat?! I loved Alpha Omega BEFORE Mercy!!! UGH!!!

      Psssst. You need to go to BEA instead of RAGT… just saying. Ashley at Nosegraze is staying at the hotel Kim and I are staying at. Kim and I are sharing a room 😉

  4. Adventure Time- love it! And quiet weeks can be good. I’v been thinking of the Brigg books- need to find a UF serie I like.

    • Besides the episode having the best message ever, I loved that the creators have so much LOVE for the show and collaborating on different mediums for the show. Besides, how many shows are typically still hand drawn these days? Not many…

      UF series? If you like the fae, try The Others, Kim likes it. Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series is good! You know a favorite UF series of my hubs? Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files – although hubs gave up towards the end. John G. Hartness has a series called Black Knight Chronicles that I loved BUT he’s changed it / re-written it so I can’t vouch for the new version. Check it out, though.

      • Awesome, thanx! Good recs- I may try a few of those. Dresden I’ve been really thinking about, that might be my gateway. 🙂 I’ve heard you have to get a couple books in before those really take off.
        Greg recently posted…Cover Characteristics

  5. I love the Others series by Anne Bishop so much! I hope you enjoy it too. Written in Red is so good as is Vision in Silver. I haven’t read any of the other books you mention, but they all sound good. I love Patricia Briggs’s books. And Grave Visions looks like it will be good. I hope you have a great week!

  6. Wow you do have stacks of new reads there Kristin – that will certainly keep you busy.

    I hope your son’s last week or so of school goes well and isn’t too stressful for you all.
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-in