Sunday Post #75: I’m Making Funny Faces at You and You Don’t Even Know It

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Deep Thoughts…

I must be old.  That or I don’t get out enough.  Maybe it’s because I don’t watch MTV anymore or the fact that I was watching MTV the first year they were on the air.  I just don’t understand half the crap that some people say these days.  I thought I understood most slang but it’s apparent that I don’t.

I actually read an entire blog post last week and I had no clue what the post was about.   Even going through some of the comments didn’t help.  So that leaves me wondering… when will I be too old to review books?  Am I already too old?  Can I still relate to my audience?  Do I have an audience?

It just gets more self deprecating from there…


I also taught my 9 year old son the art of making faces at people driving by you in the car at night.  You know what I’m talking about…  it’s dark out, no one can see you in the car so you yell at the oncoming traffic, “You’re going the wrong way!!!!!”  Or you shoot finger pistols at them.  That’s most satisfying.  And don’t tell my you’ve never mined for gold in a darkened car….


dot dot dot


Not at all related to the previous discussion, not at all…


dot dot dot




dot dot dot


Currently on heavy rotation in my car is a song that my hubs turned me on to.  I will admit, my hubs has fantastic taste in music.  He’s the one who finds all sorts of alternative and dance stuff I’d never stumble on in my life.  Granted, this is not his normal fare but I love to shake my non-ass to this song.  But why does Robin Thicke always look tired?  He needs a nap….





Stay safe and warm out there.  Have a great week!







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34 responses to “Sunday Post #75: I’m Making Funny Faces at You and You Don’t Even Know It

  1. This post made me laugh- in a good way! I haven’t seen MTV in a long time and I have no idea what they show- it’s not music is it? And LOL about making faces at night. Reminds me of that scene in Night Shift when Michael Keaton is flipping off the cops through his tinted windows… “love brokers”.

    Hopefully that makes sense. 🙂

    That shipping vid- priceless.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post

    • Totally makes sense!! Love brokers – hahahaha!!! Henry Winkler!!! I can’t believe my parents let me watch that!! Parental controls what????

      I had to have Christy explain shipping and OTP to me. I yelled at her a lot b/c she knew – I had to consult Urban Dictionary. Grrrrrrrr!!!

      • I love that movie! And parents- they had no clue (mine anyway ha). When I started blogging I had no idea what shipping meant- I was like what the frick is everyone talking about? And OTP- I just learned that one a few weeks ago!!
        Greg recently posted…Sunday Post

    • As long as Urban Dictionary still exists, I think I’ll be okay!! I couldn’t believe Urban Dictionary had such a good definition of OTP, and it refereced “shipping”!!! UGH…

  2. That’s a great song, Kristin, thanks for sharing! I had to get up and shake my non-ass to the beat as well 😉
    *groans* slang!! I’ve always thought I had a pretty good grip on it as well, even if I don’t live in the US, and so there are lots of stuff I don’t really hear until later. However, I thought I was keeping up with TV shows, movies, and most of all books. I don’t think I’ve seen the blog post you’re talking about, so I have no idea if I’d go away from that confused or not.
    I really don’t think you should worry about your audience, though! There are quite a few more mature bloggers around who will be very happy to find more bloggers they can completely understand 😉
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie recently posted…Up Close and (un)Conventional – Literary Orphans

  3. Your comment about Robin Thicke is cracking me up, haha. I watched the video with the sole purpose of seeing what you were talking about. But anyway, I’m 24, and even I don’t understand the slang anymore, so don’t feel bad lol. Though now I’m really curious to know what the post you read was actually about 😛
    Kristen recently posted…The Weekly Update: 1/24/16

    • It was just a post that literally started out saying it was list of OTPs and it was talking about ships and shipping and I was “huh”?? I kept thinking “On the Point”?? But what do boats have to do with it??? I finally had to consult Urban Dictionary I was literally shocked that you could get “ship” and “shipping” from “Relationship”!!! WTH???

      24 to 29 years old are the GOLDEN ages!! I’m sure everyone is telling you that!! I was a medical sales rep back then so no slang for me 😉

  4. I have teenage daughters, so I keep up with the new expressions or slang without even trying to, lol ! And no, I never dug for gold in my darkened car, but I’ll be thinking about doing it now, thanks 😀 Have a great week !

  5. You so made me laugh with that first bit. I am so out of touch. My friend and I were at a baby shower and the youngins were teaching us the phrases and what not. Still have no clue though!!! And no way about being too old to review books because there are us fellow old people who can’t understand the other blog posts either 🙂 Have a great week!
    Grace recently posted…Weekly Rewind ~ 1.24.16

  6. Slang is really hard, Kristin. It’s hard to know what they are when you’re not around that kind of language? I was having my own “Am I too old for this?” moment last week too when I was struggling to get into a couple of YA books. It’s sad, but certain books I would have loved in my younger days. :/
    Haha! I love that you taught your son the art of making faces! I seriously love you! 🙂
    Have a lovely week, Kristin!
    Nick recently posted…The Weekly Recap (175)

    • Ya know, the YA books you were trying to get into were probably too ridiculous a scenario for you to lose yourself into. Some just don’t set themselves up enough for me to get lost into. I can usually step back and look at a YA book from the standpoint of is it a simple, straightforward plot that will engage the young reader without rambling along the way. Because if I get distracted by something bright and shiny while reading a YA, can you imagine short attention span teens trying to read it??? I’m lucky that while I worked at the library, I talked to enough teens to know what they like. 🙂

      Anyways, long story short, the books were crap – it’s not YOU, it’s THEM!!!

  7. I feel you on the not knowing slang – I’m only 24 and I still don’t know what some words are. I had to google what ” smh ” meant. I didn’t know what ” ship ” was for the longest time. The most recent one was ” FOMO “. I heard it on the news and had no idea what it meant, then all the sudden I started hearing it everywhere! Is it so hard to just say “fear of missing out”?
    Molly recently posted…A Plethora of Updates

  8. OMG, this post made my morning! You are so funny, and true. Like you, I remember the astronaut planting the MTV flag on the moon, and feel like a geriatric whenever I turn on MTV. I think the only reason I’m up with (most of) the slang is because I teach 5th graders. They keep me somewhat young. Or, I’m very delusional. You’re right about Robin Thicke. He does look tired all the time, but I think it’s because he has droopy eyes. If he ever gets plastic surgery, we probably won’t recognize him.
    Tiffany recently posted…THE WEEK IN REVIEW: “Pearly Whites” (JANUARY 17TH – JANUARY 23rd)

  9. My ex-hubby would be driving somewhere, and he would just start beeping at people-God I never laughed so hard!! Loved this post, and i am surrounded by 16″of snow, and today I am off work-thank goodness!! Have a great week!!

  10. I always feel old when I try to watch MTV…so I just don’t. LOL! I wish I could say that I didn’t bring any new books into the house this week but I failed. Next week though! Have a great week and happy reading!

  11. haha great post!! I remember making faces at people at night when I was a kid. Boy was that a long time ago or it feels like it. Honestly I have never understood the slang on MTV—even when it was for me I never got it. hehe

  12. Hahaha love the video. I think being around teenagers a lot keeps me in the know. So does Teen Wolf lol. I learn a lot from my son and goddaughter. and their friends, though. Like when my son tells me about something on snapchat and I don’t know what he means, I just shrug. He gets all “You don’t know what that means?!” Then proceeds to explain. A lot of times it’s pretty self-explanatory though. You just have to think in a dumbed down way, because, you know, teenagers. Their frontal lobes aren’t fully developed yet. lol – I’m just being an ass. And yes, Robin Thick DOES need a nap.
    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted…Sunday Post #159 (1/24/16) – Hello, Rainy Days

  13. Oh yeah, MTV. I remember watching that when it first came out. lol As far as understanding the slang these days, I have 3 teens still in the house and sometimes I have no idea what they’re saying. They watch such different stuff on the internet and I don’t so I’m clueless. It’s not like when I was growing up and the stuff I watched was right there on the tv for all to see and there were no headphones or portable devices for music. Yeah, I’m old. LOL
    A Voracious Reader recently posted…AVR Weekly News ~ 128th Edition

    • I know I’m just replying to you but I’ve been sick ALL WEEK this past week. I am so stinkin’ proud of you!!! I saw that you were taking KMM to task on the narrator. You spoke true, you put your name out there, and you questioned what people thought was a logical and moral excuse for laziness.

      SO STINKIN’ PROUD!!!!!! I want to be you when I grow up!!!