Sunday Post #76: Down for the Count

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The Sunday Post

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We are one sick family, literally.  First my husband week before last.  Then my boy picked it up this past Wednesday.  It’s this nasty flu-bug that has a fever that lasts for 3 days, gives you a belly ache, congestion, and a nasty cough.  I’ve been lucky so far but with my sleep schedule off, of course I got a migraine and I’m tired.  No one wants to cook so it’s been fast comfort food, too.  I’m sure that doesn’t help.

What’s your favorite comfort food when you’re sick?

I love homemade chicken noodle soup but when I don’t want to cook, it’s KFC’s Famous Bowl.  That’s right, that bowl of fat and tasty goodness.  And if I have a sore throat, I’ve got to have a DQ Blizzard.  It’s a wonder I’m not 300 pounds…


dot dot dot





GlitteringCourt AndIDarken TelltheWindandFire











I wasn’t interested in The Glittering Court b/c of all the hype BUT I finally read the synopsis and it sounds really good!  I picked up Kiersten White’s new series b/c Christy did.  Christy has good taste.  I had been waiting since last year for Tell the Wind and Fire so I was excited when NetGalley offered it.



TheSeasonofYouandMe FlirtingWithFame SummerDaysSummerNights











I enjoyed Constantine’s last book.  Flirting with Fame has a cute “trope” I haven’t read yet.  And I love anthologies; I enjoyed Perkins’ winter anthology.


WickedHeart ScarredSouls RideHard











I know Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet had a lot of fans so I wanted to try this stand alone spin-off, Wicked Heart.  Raze and Reap both got great reviews from some reviewers I trust with these types of books so I wanted to try this author.  And I’ve read Laura Kaye’s books before but I wasn’t a fan of series.  Since I like MC books, I thought I’d give her another try.


dot dot dot


Well, have a wonderful week, peeps!  I heard from at least one groundhog that they’re predicting an early Spring.  I’m down for that!








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Kristin has to ensure she gets her minimal requirement of "happily ever after" books in between those books that contain cliffhangers and never-ending story arcs. It's for her family's sake. When not reading, she's homeshooling her 10-year old son, watching cartoons on TV, or taking a nap.



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17 responses to “Sunday Post #76: Down for the Count

  1. I really want to read Summer Days and Summer Nights; I just read the winter anthology this past Christmas and I really liked it! It looks like you got some awesome books.

    Sorry about all the sickness! I hate that. My comfort food when sick is chicken noodle soup…or anything cold. I’m always wanting ice cream or something when i don’t feel well, as long as it’s not a bad stomach or something. then I don’t want any food.
    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Unique Format: The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

    • Funny, I can eat ice cream on a bad stomach b/c I swear the milky ice cream coats my belly. Any excuse for ice cream, I guess 😀

  2. Awww! I’m so sorry to hear about all the sickness at your home. I really hope you feel better soon. Chicken noodle soup is also my comfort food.
    I’m really excited to hear your thoughts on The Glittering Court! I hope it’s good! And I Darken is one I’m sort of unsure about right now. Flirting with Fame sounds really cute!
    Happy reading and I hope this week is better, Kristin! <3
    Nick recently posted…The Weekly Recap (177)

    • Hey, THANK YOU for telling me to keep reading Unhooked!!! OMG!!! I gave it 5 stars b/c I thought it was so unique, the good vs. evil, not knowing who to trust, and that ending!!! Dang!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

      And I’m still not sick yet!! I’ve still got the headache and my asthma cough has come out to keep me up at night but if that’s it, I’m happy as a clam!!!!!!! Yaaayyy!!!!

  3. Oh geez with all the sickness. I hope you guys all get better. Soup is definitely my comfort go to. I like most soups so anything. If there is no cooking going we are lazy and order pizza which is comforting but easy. So many great books this week!! The Season of You & Me looks so good. Have a great week!!
    Grace recently posted…Weekly Rewind ~ 2.7.16

    • I finally got out of the house yesterday and splurged for Panera soup ($8 for a broth bowl?!?!) I only got the chicken noodle but it was so tasty with no nasty chicken pieces in it. Now I’ll be healthy but broke 😀

  4. I hope you’re family starts to feel better. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days and some sneezing, but that’s it. I’m not a big soup eater. I do make chicken and noodles, but not soup. When I’m sick, I’m a toast person. It’s easy and bland. Plus, if my throat is sore, it will scratch it for me. Maybe not good for it, but it feels good. 🙂

    I love the covers on that top row. I hope you enjoy all of your books.
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Burning Bright Audiobook by E.J. Stevens (REVIEW)

    • Chicken and Noodles… you just reminded me of the BEST comfort food ever!!! Bob Evans’ chicken and noodles!!! NO!! Wait!! The Farmer breakfast!!! I’m so lucky there’s Bob up here 😉 The one right on Olentangy got a lot of my business on Saturday mornings during college!!!

      And speaking of bread…. I bought a whole loaf of sourdough at Panera yesterday. All for me!!! I love my bread anytime!!!

  5. We had that same bug hit our house! It came in fast. It was awful! But soup is my comfort food, or ice cream, depending on what it is!

    I am up in the air about The Glittering Court, but I hope you love it!

    • It is nasty!!! I’m so sorry it’s hit you too!!!! I’ve had to call the doctor’s office twice not just to prevent my hubs from making me take our son in!!! Hubs thinks the son should have been better by now and he needs antibiotics. He doesn’t understand the fever is the body healing itself and when the doctor says it’s a five day fever, it’s a five day fever…. ugh….

  6. Yeah chicken noodle soup here too. I love it but hardly ever it, so if I’m sick yeah that’s it. Somebody said pizza too- yeah that’s comfort food anytime LOL. I used to like DQ’s shakes but haven’t had one in forever… Hope everyone feels better over there.

    Good looking books. I like the cover of Tell the Wind and Fire and the summer anthology should be good too- looking forward to that. Cause summer! 🙂

    I ‘ll take the early spring. 🙂
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #128

  7. I’m sorry you’ve all been feeling sick, Kristin, I hope next week you’ll all be in great shape. Chicken noodle soup is great comfort food, but like you, I really don’t feel like cooking when I’m sick.
    Your new books look amazing, I got Tell the Wind and Fire last week, and can’t wait to read it.
    Have a wonderful week and happy reading.
    Lexxie recently posted…The Sunday Post #69 –

  8. I’m sorry to hear about the sickness making the rounds. I’ll cross my fingers and toes that it passes you by. Get that Lysol spray or wipes out and wipe the crap outta everything that might have been touched or is touched on a regular basis. lol

    I miss DQ so much! When I lived in Ohio I took them for granted, having one on practically every corner. Here in NC…pfffft. It sucks! I want a Grill n Chill nearby so bad! I wanted to win the lottery just so I could buy into the franchise. LOL
    A Voracious Reader recently posted…Time Turner Tuesday ~ For Love of Evil