Sunday Post #86: Ode to a Prince

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Hey, don’t knock me because I wasn’t here last weekend!  I was in the ‘burbs of Cleveland celebrating my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary and my son’s 10th birthday.  So if I’m late with MY Prince tribute…  😛

I was 13 years old when I road my bike to our local record store and bought the LP 1999.  It was an amazing album and I’m not sure if my parent’s really should of let me have it.  The record jacket itself opened up like a double LP.  My favorite song from that album that wore out my record needle?  “Delirious”…  or was it “DMSR”?  Either of those two.  Then I found out my uncle had Controversy.  The title song is/was my favorite.  Faith was “important” to Prince.

But I was fan of the hidden treasures.  Sure, I got chills up and down my arms the first time I heart “When Doves Cry”.  But the ones I still jam to?  “Anotherloverholeinyohead”.  It’s impossible to find a good video or link to the song the way it’s meant to be heard, from the studio, but here it is live, Prince’s charm and all.  Even Wendy and Lisa.  I mean, who didn’t want to be Wendy or Lisa!?!?!?!



Another oddball favorite, the romantic song that I’m sure no one has ever heard, “A Million Days” from Musicology.  I found this video but I have a feeling it’s going to get pulled soon.  Amazing…


That’s it.  Thanks for letting me indulge and share.  *sniff, sniff*




While I was in Cleveland, I actually watched a movie on TV, and I didn’t fall asleep at any point during the viewing.  This is a rarity for me.  The Big Short is a freakin’ amazing movie (based on a book) and I could not stop thinking about it for days afterwards.  Since I worked at a fund manager as an ass’t trader just before this movie took place, I related to absolutely everything happening.

The movie made me miss my old job, especially the people I worked with, both in California and over the phone in New York, Toronto, and London.

See the movie.  Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt all do phenomenal jobs and everything is accurate to the industry.  I shit you not.  Just know, the trailer sucks.  They made it look like the actors interact with each other when in fact, Brad Pitt plays a recluse who is helping two young fund managers.  And Christian Bale only interacts with his wife and boss.

And honestly, it wasn’t the bank’s fault – it was a lot of people’s fault, including greedy brokers, Gov’t stimulating the economy (“everyone should get a home!” – ha!), and the banks.

I’m stepping off my soapbox, really!!





So…  yeah…  there were a ton of books I wanted out on NetGalley and Edelweiss last week.  This could not be helped.

The Marriage Contract
Let Me
Big Rock
purchase – peer pressure 😉











for review
for review
for review










Freeks by Amanda Hocking For Review
for review
for review














for review
for review
for review










for review
for review
for review














So many amazing books are up right now on Edelweiss.  I think I squeeled a bit when I saw Anna-Marie McLemore had a new book coming out soon.  Same with Amanda Hocking’s Freeks!  There are no words when I see Darynda Jones is up – I bought her last book and had it signed at RAGT last year.

If you haven’t heard me say it before, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League series is one of the best Sci-Fi romance series out there.  I highly recommend the first one, Born of Night.  I read it before I was writing reviews.



Clean Sweep ARC Challenge

The Clean Sweep ARC Challenge starts today!  Check out my other post TODAY!!!  You still have time to join!

Get those ARCs read and done!!


Sorry I was all over the place this week!!  Don’t leave me… I promise to behave next week!







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18 responses to “Sunday Post #86: Ode to a Prince

  1. Wendy and Lisa were the jam. That whole era of Prince… DMSR (nods), Take Me With U, even Love Bizarre with Sheila E. A quirky one I like is Girls and Boys.

    That cover of The Hangover kinda cracks me up. 🙂
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #140

  2. Hope you had fun at the parties! 🙂
    I didn’t grow up in the Prince era, but I’ve listened and really enjoyed to a lot of his songs. Truth is though, I’m not much of a music person. I know, I know. I’ve never been full-on obsessed with any band or musician and that makes me sad.
    Anyways, WHERE DID YOU GET THIS ADVENTURE & WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS???????? So jealous! I loved the first books by the authors, especially Anna Marie McLemore! I’m ready for more of her pretty writing.
    Have a fun week, you! 🙂
    Nick recently posted…The Weekly Recap (188) & April Monthly Recap

    • Edelweiss!! They just showed up this week! Ummm… I have access to Macmillan you may not, though, because of the library job – sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure they’ll show up soon!!!

  3. Prince’s death was the first celebrity death that had me really, really crying, Kristin! I’ve been listening to his music and dancing my butt off at home this past week, and I am so happy I have most of his albums – lots of vinyls, and they look so groovy, too.
    I’m a bit jealous you got Born of Legend for review, I love The League series – it’s amazing.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reaidng.
    Lexxie recently posted…Up Close and (un)Conventional – Keeping Track of Ideas

  4. I wasn’t super into Prince but get what an impact he had on, well, everything. Such a big loss. I really want to watch the big short. I wasn’t in that business exactly but was in accounting right after it all went down. It affected us so much and I had to learn all about that jazz. I think it would be interesting. Plus Ryan Gosling so yeah. Ohh that Emma Mills book cover. I hope it goes up on EW for the normal folk soon. Enjoy!!
    Grace recently posted…Weekly Rewind ~ 5.1.16

  5. your folks’ 50th Wedding Anniversary and your son’s 10th birthday that sounds like a fun week! amazingly I wasn’t too found of Prince at first. He had to grow on me 🙂 I see great books like Paper and Fire. I hope you enjoy them all 🙂

  6. I hope you had a fun in Cleveland. Sounds like a good weekend. I was not a Prince fan as a teenager. I was more a fan of Metallica, Ozzy and Iron Maiden. When I got older and realized you could listen to more than one genre of music, I started to enjoy him more. He still isn’t on the top of my list, but I do appreciate his talent and the things he did as a person. I also felt he was a great performer. His halftime show for the Super Bowl was amazing.

    I hope you enjoy your books. I’m waiting for the Charley Davidson audiobook. I don’t think I could read it without Lorelei King. 🙂
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Review: The Order by A.C. Donaubauer (@mlsimmons, @AC_Donaubauer)

  7. Hope you enjoyed the anniversary and birthday celebrations. It sounds like it was busy!

    I haven’t seen The Big Short but am a fan of quite a few of the cast, so must watch it!
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-in

  8. Ugh, 10th Grave isn’t available yet on Edelweiss. It’s probably for you because of your librarian hook-up. My two favorite Prince songs are Darling Nikki and Pussy Control. Seriously. My BBF has been a Prince freak since forever (they share a birthday – not the year, though). She was crying, and I was all like “Yeah, that’s sad”. I’m great at comforting people. Or not.
    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted…Admiral by Sean Danker

  9. Wow, Kristen, you pulled in so many amazing books! I’m jealous! I requested A Shadow Bright and Burning as well, but my request is still pending. ;( Where do you get on the list for Amanda Hocking’s ARCs?