Sunday Post #88: I Can’t Wake Up

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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.



I’m having the crappiest weeks in recent history.  It started Monday when I couldn’t stay awake during the day.  I took 2 hour naps in the middle of the day and then flopped into bed around 10:15pm, just after hubs left for work.  Ever fell asleep sitting straight up?  I’m a professional at it.

Then Wednesday evening I completely forgot about the Twitter chat I was co-hosting with Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer for her Clean Sweep ARC Challenge this month.  I was asleep, on the couch…

Thursday was by far the worst day because I realized I missed the Twitter chat and I had to bury a baby bird that got tossed out of our robin’s bird nest.  Friday, the nest fell from it’s perch and the two other babies were wandering around our yard being fed by its mother and father.  Of course my hubs had to mow the lawn (grrrrrr).

I have no clue how I survived raising my human child.





I’ll have an update from my week at BEA hopefully this week.  I’m still processing everything.

In the meantime, did you see all the drama and flack about BEA book hauls and stupid people selling ARCs?

Why does this person need multiple duplicates of ARCs?  I will admit I grabbed duplicate books for friends when they asked but only a title or two.  This is just ridiculous! 2016-05-20 21-40-41



Don’t even get me started on the trolls selling ARCs.




These are all ARCs that were available at BEA and Bookcon.  This person is a greedy little troll….





On the lighter side of the blogosphere:






No NEW Books!!!  😉




Not related in any sort of way, I saw The Angry Birds Movie yesterday.  I would give it a B- for adults and a B for kids.  Overall I liked it and it’s message: that it’s okay to be angry sometimes.  You just know what to do with that anger and where to “point” it.  Definitely a good discussion movie for us and our 10 year old 🙂

I could be less angry, right?! 😉




On repeat on my iPhone…   I actually prefer RAC’s remix.



Have a great week!








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26 responses to “Sunday Post #88: I Can’t Wake Up

  1. Sorry you have been so tired!! I know the feeling all too well! And I can’t believe the person trying to sell ARC’s. Those are the people that give us all a bad name! How stupid!
    Samantha recently posted…Sunday Post Week 20

    • Again, I took another 2 hour nap today! What is my deal 🙁 I did forget my happy pill this morning so that may explain the excess anger (ha!)

  2. I hate that some people are actually selling their BEA ARCs, Kristin! I am so happy with those I have received, and I look forward to all of them! Good thing most of us are honest people, and that we will take good care of the ARCs we got.
    It sounds like you were as jet-lagged as I was! I have slept a lot this past week, too, but I really hope I’m over that now, I want to READ!
    Lexxie recently posted…Sunday Post Weekly Wrap-Up #84 – And then there was jet-lag

    • Well, you have an excuse to be tired, all the partying you did AND the travel!! Plus you had to jump back into work/school and family. I couldn’t have done, sista! *bows to your greatness*

    • I don’t know why we’re ever surprised… I just thought I’d post a picture this time. Like, “See? Here’s a nutso!” Yeah… what good it does to shame them, right?

  3. Oh I hadn’t heard that about the ARCs. That’s terrible – it sounds as if they had no intention of reading them. I give away a heap of books I receive from publishers – to a women’s shelter, hospital and some to friends. I’d like to donate ‘some’ to the local backpacker hostels as I remember (when I was younger) how hard it was not being able to afford to buy books!
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-in

    • OMG!! You are an angel!! I would never have thought about the Hostels but that’s a fantastic idea!!! Brilliant!!! 🙂

  4. I posted my opinion about the after math of BEA. I was such so angry and was only planning to state my opinion once about the entire issue. It makes me sick.

    It really must be weather or sinus because this week I was nodding off a lot at work. My sinuses are just kicking my face and I can’t seem to shake them no make what I take. Spent all day yesterday dozing while I was trying to read. Hoping today is better but the weather is crumby. I hope you are feeling better!

    Have a great week, Kristin! Happy Reading! *hugs*
    Michelle recently posted…It’s been so long ~ WIR & TSP

    • OOOO, I’ve got to check out your post – I bet it’s perfect!!! And I’m so sorry about your head – Allergies will do that to you. Plus, that WAS a crazy week!!! Miss ya, girlie!!

    • Like I told Mel… why are we even surprised by trolls selling ARCs??? I think my anger is spreading… I need to spread sunshine and happiness, huh?!?!?!

  5. Sorry you’ve been feeling so tired lately! I’ve gone through spells like that before. It’s usually when I’m low on vitamin D. Hope you start feeling better soon.

    I try not to judge people’s book hauls, but I’m judging that one. It’s pretty rude to grab so many duplicate ARCs. Especially when it’s one that’s so high in demand. I had a woman in front of me at one of the ticketed author signings (that you either had to pay for or get there before 8 am to line up for a ticket) who asked the author for two copies of the book and to sign both of them. Really lady? They have limited quantities and a huge line of people. So, rude.
    Samantha recently posted…Sunday Post: May 22

    • I can’t believe the nerve of the woman! Makes us look bad 🙁

      I should work on my Vitamin D… Lord knows I needs some 🙂

  6. Yeah that person should give me one of her ARC’s of Gemina lol so I can read the $%^%& thing ha ha. Seriously though I know what you mean- I saw some of the BEA stuff this week. I actually laughed at some of those ginormous hauls. And I don’t get the selling ARC’s thing- but there’s always people like that…

    Sorry to hear about the birds! And I didn’t even know there was an Angry Birds movie- how sad is that??
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #143

    • If you don’t have little wee ones anymore, you have EVERY excuse not to know there’s an Angry Birds movie!!! And I have no clue how that girl got TWO Gemina’s!! I waited in line for almost 2 hours for my ONE copy!!! Grrrrrrrr

  7. Oh no, sorry you’ve had a rough week. You aren’t getting sick are you? With all the sleeping…

    I’m sorry you missed the chat too!

    I still need to do my BEA wrap-up posts too. I’ve just been busy finishing up some May books and scheduling reviews, so hopefully I’ll have one or two posts about BEA later this week.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…The Heart As He Hears It + High Contrast

  8. Sounds like a rough week. I really hope you get some sleep and feel better!! And I am glad to see you can survive raising small humans because man it is tough sometimes!! That BEA ARC stuff is so disappointing to see. My daughter want to see the Angry Birds movie so I think her dad is going to take her. I wonder what she will think about it since she is younger. Anyways thanks for sharing my link 🙂 Have a great week!!
    Grace recently posted…Review ~ Love Blind

    • You can’t hit 30 and fall asleep girlie!! 30’s rock so you need to keep celebrating… don’t sweat the reading 🙂