Sunday Post #89: Remembering Those Who Served Our Country

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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.



For those of you in the States, Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Ahhhh, such a beautiful week last week!  And this weekend?  Magnifique!!

Here in SE Michigan we have temperatures in the low 80’s all week with no rain!  My remaining 2 baby birds fell out of their nest but survived hopping around the yard and are long gone… yay!  Mama bird has already made a new nest in the same spot (if it doesn’t fall, I pull down the empty nest so she can build a new one).  Oh, the simple things in life!




I still haven’t had a chance to sit still and write up a BEA wrap-up but I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s.  One huge side effect of attending for me is that I’ve become pickier with review copies.  I should have done that sooner.  And I think my taste is changing, too.  See for yourself with my (mostly) dark, ya fantasy picks this week….





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I finally purchased this, too 🙂





Have a great week!







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31 responses to “Sunday Post #89: Remembering Those Who Served Our Country

  1. Glad those birds made it. 🙂 And yes- the weather has been glorious, hasn’t it? Although it has rained some over here- then the sun comes back out. I’ll take it!

    I like your dark picks. I’ve wondered about Aprilyyne Pike’s stuff for a while, somebody said she was good. And you’ll like Illuminae. 🙂
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #144

    • I can’t wait to get to Illuminae!! It’s sitting next to my computer and I keep opening it and looking at the pages, you know what I mean??? 😀

    • wow…. just wow……

      ya know, you just could have put a pillow under the nest, right? Or Darwinism works, too…

      I’d say Glitter would definitely work for you… 😉 tee, hee!!!

      • Christy LoveOfBooks

        The nest was in a weird spot and babies never survived in the 5+ years it was there. I figure preventing them from nesting there saved lives in the long run. It got old opening the front door and having 3-4 dead baby birds on the porch. Most of the time the cats were just waiting for them to fall. It was sad and messy. Idk why birds kept nesting there.

  2. Aw yay for the baby birds making it! The weather sounds nice. It was really hot here this week and I feel like we missed that nice spring weather and went straight to humid hot summer stuff. I think I go through phases with my reading but I am still not super into fantasy. Maybe one day. I do have a copy of Illuminae too and I really just need to read it. I think it looks so cool and wonder how all those crazy pages make a story! Have a great week 🙂
    Grace recently posted…Weekly Rewind ~ 5.29.16

    • I’m looking at those crazy pages in Illuminae and wondering if it’ll make this huge tome a quick read (please?) 🙂

    • Jay was carrying around copies of Nevernight when he was promoting Gemina (sp?) at BEA plus it sounds like “The Professional” (one of my favorite movies!!). SOLD!

    • I’m looking forward to Jay’s books – I poo-poo’d him before b/c of his personal politics before but that was just stupid and lame of me. Boy I can be so dumb!

    • Ya know, I was enjoying this awesome weather, even got outside to wash the car by hand and next morning, it was covered in yellow pollen. What a buzzkill! Next time, car wash!!!! Aaaachoooo!!! I think our temps are finally dropping this week, though. Meh…

    • Macmillan and Edelweiss – hunt it down!!! Oh, and it’s under Thomas Dunne imprint if that helps 🙂 Trust me, I did nothing special to get it!!!

    • I really need to get my butt over to that side of the state!!! Sleeping Bear Dunes is not going to magically appear over here someday 🙁 You’re so lucky to be close to Chicago and nice beaches!!! Want to trade Detroit?? tee, hee

  3. Sounds like you have just about the perfect temperatures there! DC skipped spring and went straight to summer. We’ve been in the upper 80s/lower 90s for days. I’m not sure if I like it more or less than 50s and raining. It has been kinda nice to get outside for a bit though, even if it feels like a sauna when I’m out there. Your new books look great! I got Dare to Stay a couple weeks ago and I. Can’t. Wait. to read it. Have a great week!
    Kim recently posted…Monday Musts [19]

    • Oh my HEAT and sweat!!! You guys must be covered in humidity, too! UGH 🙁 We’re getting 60’s later this weeks so it’s GOT to cool down there soon, right??? And how the heck is Chris going to get out of his mess in Dare to Stay, right?!?!?! I can’t wait either!!!!!!