Sunday Post #102: Hey! It’s Not Sunday!

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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.



You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here on a Saturday, right?  Well, I actually have a blog tour scheduled tomorrow so here I am!  I usually avoid book posts on Sundays but I thought October 2nd was a Friday.  Yep, my organizational skills are inconceivable!


I’m feeling very random today…  bear with me.








I only read one book this week.  I DNF’d Small Great Things but it was a HUGE learning experience for me.  I found out exactly why I don’t like realistic fiction…  I’ll have a discussion post about it later. 😉




This is tougher to nail down because I’ve started and stopped several books.  I seem to keep reading this, though…





So, HarperCollins put out, like, all the books I’ve been waiting for and this happened (only 2 were not on my TBR)…  I love HarperCollins *huggles*


purchase – I blame Nick 🙂
for review













for review
for review
for review














for review
for review
for review













Thank you to Hachette, too!!  I love their Forever imprint…  so muy caliente 🙂




I am completely addicted to this older song but this video is kind of weird.  I do love White Sea’s voice 🙂


Now go get your happy dance on and have a great week!






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19 responses to “Sunday Post #102: Hey! It’s Not Sunday!

  1. I’m thrilled you were able to get a copy of Nameless. I have a feeling you’re going to like it! 🙂 Let me know when you decide to pick it up and what you think of it.
    I read This Adventure too and ended up really enjoying it. Her books are just so plain readable.
    Yeah, I couldn’t resist that Harper upload either. There were tons of sequels I was anticipating as well as standalones. I don’t know when I’m going to ever going to get to them.
    Enjoy your books this week! And lol! I’ve missed you so much! That date story cracked me up! 🙂
    Nick recently posted…The Weekly Recap (209) Nick’s Back!!!

    • I’ve missed you too!! I can’t wait to read how your trip was. And OMG, can you tell I flipped out when I saw all the sequels? I’m not sure if I’m going to continue Sophie Jordan’s YA series; that’s why I didn’t pick that one up. Running to your post now…

  2. Happy Saturday ha ha! Don’t feel bad, I get it wrong and post on Saturday every week lol. Yeah realistic fiction and I don’t always get along, maybe it’s too much like the real world for me? Hunted and The great Pursuit both look great!

    That song is new to me, off to check it out…
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #162

  3. I heard about the Harper drop but i have not logged in yet. I’m kind of scared to, TBH LOL I don’t read much realistic fiction either. I am looking forward to your post!

  4. Great book haul, Kristin! I’ve got some of the same books for review and I’m super excited for them.

    I’m in a weird funky reading mood so I keep starting and putting books down. I really need to get my act together. Ha!

    Hope you have a great reading week!
    Rowena recently posted…Week in Books (36)