Sunday Post #103: Time To Hide the Rolls

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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and it’s a chance to showcase new books and re-cap your week of blogging.



Happy sweater weather!

The temps are dropping so I’m pulling out the long sleeves 🙂

My Detroit Tigers didn’t make the postseason so now I have to listen to my brother and dad go on about the Cleveland Indians.  It’s not that horrible, I am from Cleveland.  Saturday night we went (are going, as of writing this?) a preseason Red Wings hockey game, so we still have them!!! YAY!

I survived the most dreaded “switching of internet providers” and so far bundling of all our services is going okay.  Boy, is that a nightmare to do…  but when you save about $100 a month AND get unlimited data on your cell phones…. yep, it had to be done.  Unfortunately, I’m IT for the house.

I’m keeping it short this week because I need to work on background stuff on the blog.  My theme updated and I have some “playing” to do 🙂  I’m feeling soooo lazy though…





for review










Thank you to Penguin Random House for Winter Halo – I’ve been eagerly waiting for this one 🙂





Ms. Andersen gets me.  Click the comic above to be taken to her Tumblr page and check out all her comics!

Have a fabulous week!!!







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Finally, FINALLY fixed! After days lost trying to fix... ;)

25 responses to “Sunday Post #103: Time To Hide the Rolls

    • Your review was one of the many factors in my buying it. I wasn’t going to b/c if you’ve read the first two, I figured I’ve read the third, but Kimba wrote a great review and I saw you liked it so…. I’m such a lemming 🙂

    • We had Comcast and I have to say, they DO have awesome service and speed but yeah, they are expensive!!!!! We switched to AT&T because we’ve had Directv for 13+ years and our wireless & home phone was already with them, too. Seemed kind of dumb to have only the internet one other place. At least with your better speed with ATT, they probably still have unlimited data. A lot of companies are starting to cap home internet!!!! Ahhhh!!

  1. It’s getting cold over here- went to the Homecoming game last night and froze our asses off! lol

    Go Wings! I’m hoping frans Nielsen turns out o be a good pick up for them.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #163

    • Nielsen was AWESOME!!!! But I’ll tell ya, they are totally letting the Joe go! The walkways are crumbling and it’s just plain scary walking around there when it’s dark 🙁 OH! And they full on security gate you when you go in! That’s new since last year!!

      BTW – Frost warning tonight!!! YIKES!!!

    • That’s a very smart man you have there 😉 But c’mon, you know you peek at the Hallmark Channel at Christmas time…. if you don’t you should, they’re cheeserific!!!

    • How the hell did that happen?!?! It actually kept all my custom CSS, I was totally surprised!! Sorry, girl!!!! Oh, and honestly, I hate being cold, too, but I LOVE wearing a sweater with shorts. That’s heaven to me 🙂 Now, your proclivity to be naked is just TMI…. TMI!!!!!

    • Texas has the craziest weather on the planet, I think. My aunt lives down there in Arlington and she calls us crazy for living in the snow – HA!!! 🙂

    • I was always one of those that bought all those magazines in the Spring with this workout or that diet, thinking I could have the perfect body by summer. I gave up that dream years ago. You’re soooo right, it is crap!!

  2. I hope you had fun at the game! I saw the picture you posted on your instagram and you and your family looked like you were having fun 🙂
    Here in Puerto Rico the weather can go both ways. It’s hot year round from 68-90 if you’re on the west side. The east side has to be the hottest since it’s mostly city life, all buildings and no tree. Where i live (west), it’s in between city and country areas so it’s perfect. I actually love this weather since I can either dress nicely with long sleeves and boots (even when it’s 80) or wear shorts or go to the beach. It’s honestly the best of worlds.
    Genesis recently posted…Weekly Latte Rewind ~ 10.8.16 | Waffles!

  3. I used to love Baseball season but since I left AZ I have stopped following since Portland doesn’t have a major league team. I am still going to watch the Cubs. Glad you survived your switch. Hope you have a great week. I am listening to Well Hung so far the audio is great.