Sunday Post #111: Is It Spring Yet?

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Wow!  50° outside yesterday in January…  in Michigan!  My son is already calling for an early Spring.  I could go for that 🙂

We just got off a hard week of school this past week.  It was the last week of the semester and my son had a bunch of tests and some cramming of math lessons.  But we both survived and it’s a wonderful weight off my chest.  Often I feel like I’m back in school, right there with my fifth grader.

My reading mojo is waaaaaay off.  I’m having a hard time reading Amanda Bouchet’s Breath of Fire.  I have no clue why.  I pick it up, read a few pages and get bored.  I enjoyed the first book a ton and thought it was a really original story.  I’m just not feeling this one right now and now I’m late on posting the review for the release.  What would you do?

In the meantime, I just keep reading other books, too.





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Thank you to Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Sourcebooks, Hachette, and Penguin.


Have a fabulous week!  Stay dry 🙂






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17 responses to “Sunday Post #111: Is It Spring Yet?

  1. Spring! Couldn’t believe how warm it was today. And blue sky- when was the last time we had that lol? I could get used to it. Sorry to hear about the mojo- I’ve got two books going and not sure which to read. Hopefully one grabs me soon.

    The Last Magician- dang that’s a cover! And Silence fallen… I’ve got the first book Moon Called up next I think. Finally going to read it!!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #178

    • It’s a good year for books, right??? Last year this time, it looked a little iffy but I’m super excited this year!!!!!

    • Oh, mixed reviews you say? I haven’t peaked yet in case that was the deal. I’m so gonna look now!! I’m so silly happy to be getting both Briggs and Bishop ARCs!!!! That makes this all worthwhile!!! Best series (both) evah!!!!

  2. If you feel like you’re back in school, are you at least learning anything? Ha! I have a Kindergartner, so that is in my future. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with Breath of Fire. I just read that last week. I did give it a high rating, it took me way too long to get through it. I guess it was a busy week and it didn’t keep my attention as well as Promise. But…I still loved it. Maybe, put it down for a few days?
    Lauren H. recently posted…Obsessive Bookish Nerd News – 1.22.17

    • I figured out what my problem is with Breath of Fire 🙁 I’ll have to read your review, though! Every review I’m reading so far confirms what I’m thinking my problem is.

      Oh, I homeschool my son so I’m definitely in school, it won’t feel that way when they GO to school. Our school system just sucks eggs so I online school him. And I LOVE learning history again, that’s for sure!!! So perfect in this climate right now!!!

  3. The weather has been very unwinterlike here in Ohio too. I’m torn-I miss snow days, but I like not having to put on 8 layers. Its a tough call.
    Great book haul this week! Hopefully you can really get into Breath of Fire soon. I have heard good things!
    Samantha recently posted…Sunday Post: January 21

  4. I am enjoying the nicer weather. It’s started to rain again though, and that’s one part of spring I could use a little less with. haha

    If you aren’t feeling the book, I say let it go (*cue Frozen*). I’m sure the publisher would rather no review than a negative one because you just weren’t feeling it. It might suit you sometime later!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…If You Love Someone, Online Auctions, and More!

  5. I like your new header? Or have you had it a while and I missed it?

    I’m glad the weather has been better – it’s been here in Australia over the past couple of weeks, so I’m ready for Autumn!

    I’m slowly getting back into my reading. I think. (And hope!)
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-in

    • I had Christmas up before so I needed something new for after the holidays. I have no consistency but I don’t care 😀 And my hubs and I were just talking about if we could live in Australia with all the vicious bugs down there b/c your weather looks so much better than ours!!!