About Me



I started Addicted to Happily Ever After (formerly My ParaHangover.com) in November 2011 and have been blogging inconsistently since.   I can be sarcastic and quite witty at times.

I lean towards long winded reviews in which I end up talking my way through them.  In person, I’d probably talk your ear off about books for hours if I could.  Just be glad you’re reading this “About Me” after I’ve edited it down from the essay it used to be.

I read urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction in the adult category of books.  Bring in new adult, I’m all over contemporary romance.  I just can’t seem to stay away from young adult so I read it all in that age group. 

Basically, I’m all over the place in my reading.


I used to work in the finance industry, healthcare industry, fast food, landscape maintenance, retail, swim team coach… just about everything except I was never a police officer, despite what I told those guys at the bar that one night in college.

I’m an elected public official in my township.  No, seriously.  I really am.  Parks Commissioner – that’s my title.  … stop laughing, it’s not that funny.  I’m on my second term.  Can you believe I was elected twice?

I’m the mom and wife to two gamers but I, sadly, lack the coordination to compete.  So I read… 



Seriously, I love books and I’m grateful that I have this outlet to share my love.  Thank you very much for visiting my little ‘ole blog.


You made my day!!!

…. stop laughing.  I’m serious.


Maine San-Diego