Review Policy

Updated 6/15/15! SORRY – not accepting review books at this time. I need to write 50 reviews!

I still love authors, though.

That’s why I started my blog; because I wanted to share my love of books and the authors who wrote them. 

The Genres I Read:

I read adult novels in the urban fantasy, paranormal romance and science fiction genres.  I read young adult novels in all those same genres as well as contemporary young adult novels.  Dystopian and historical novels will fall into one of those categories so add those to the list as well.  New adult fits in there, too.

My Philosophy on the Books I Review:

I was once asked to read a book that was along the lines of a Stephen King book.  It was well written but not my thing.  I had a hard time finishing it so I communicated to the author that it wasn’t a good fit for me to review.  It wouldn’t have been a fair review – I wasn’t a good voice for the book.  I know I wouldn’t want to read a review of an urban fantasy novel from someone who doesn’t read that genre.  

I’d much rather help an author than ever hurt an author. 

My Reviews:

Being a college educated (okay, it was Ohio State, but it’s still a degree), former business professional, I try and write my reviews following basic English 101 rules.  That being said, my reviews usually come out in my own voice so they usually don’t end up being the most professional critiques.  But I will always have something positive to say when I say something negative.

Where I Post My Reviews:

Besides here on my blog, I post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble (when requested).  My posts feed automatically to my Facebook page, My Tumblr, and Google+.  I belong to two tribes on Triberr so my posts are tweeted multiple times on Twitter. 

The Formats I Accept:

I accept ARCs/finished works in physical form (doesn’t everyone) and electronic format for the Kindle.  Acrobat .pdfs are fine, too, since they make it to my Kindle.


I am not opposed to accepting self-published books!   Everyone needs a review.  I’m just miserably behind right now on reviews due to my job at the library and homeschooling my son.  Good news I’m getting caught up!  Please be patient with me and don’t put me on any “lists” 😉  


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